Discounts on single day tickets?

Our power went out. Sigh.

So in the meantime, I am pondering…can single day tickets at WDW ever be found at a discount? Typically we buy multi day tickets from UT. But single day, either no discount, or even more expensive. Our friend works for the VA, and checked into tickets which are usually cheaper…but the single day tickets was the exact same price as directly through Disney.

We are only doing a single day at Epcot, so I will probably just buy direct from Disney (for like the first time ever)…but wondered if anyone has ever seen discounted single day tickets.

I don’t want to wait terribly long since Disney is know to raise prices now and then. (Crazy, I know.)


I’m having the same problem when searching for 2-day tickets.

I don’t think I’ve ever been aware of discounts on single day tix

I would think they would have zero incentive to discount them. The majority of single day ticket holders are not staying on property or, clearly, visiting the parks for more than that one day. So they gotta stick it to you to squeeze all the pennies out. They have no need to discount a single day ticket because if you’re going… well, you’re going. Whereas if you’re going for 2 or more … well how about you add a day, discounted, and come eat our food and buy out merch where the real money is for us???

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Totally makes sense. Was just hoping!

Fortunately I can use my Visa Rewards to buy them direct…and also to buy the Cirque de Soleil tickets.

Yeah…we briefly thought about getting two day tickets…but there is no real discount to add a second day, so we are sticking to just one day at Epcot.

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Depending on the price season you are going, it is possible that convention tickets might be cheaper. I didn’t think that was the case, but on our trip a couple of years ago I saved about $70 on 4 tickets.


Convention tickets crossed my mind…but I wasn’t sure if that was still a thing, nor how you would find them if they were!


Very easy process to find them, see post 1 & 2 in that thread for info.

Short version: Google

along with a month and year to find conventions with active links to the Disney con tix site. Once in the Disney site it is just a matter of comparing prices. 1 day tix won’t always be a savings there, but worth a few minutes to check.


Yeah, unfortunately that site no longer exists.

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Don’t click the hyperlink. Google “mydisneygroup” along with the month you are planning on going and the results will give you some conferences being held at Disney during that time. Then use the link the conference provides to buy tickets.

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You don’t surf to that site - you google it and look for convention pages with links to it.

If you choose the Orthodontist convention, on that page you’ll see a link to the mydisneygroup con site.

Oh! I see. Okay. Thanks for the clarification. I guess I have to pay better attention.


They just walked me through the same process. DD and DD’s BF are only going to be with us for 2 park days and 2 Disney Springs days. But of course the park days have 5 days in between. I was able to buy them each 2 convention tix for a great savings. I got the tix in the mail yesterday, cards. Not sure what the saving are for full day, theirs are half day tix, but I think the convention that is around my dates had full day for around $102 per day iirc.

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So far, my searches turn up nothing for my dates. I am finding tons of results from years ago, however! :grin:

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Someone did the leg work for me, lol. Also, I don’t think the convention has to be THAT close. You don’t pick your dates when you purchase. I haven’t linked them to the kids on MDE yet. But I can this evening and let you know how it goes.

When are you looking to go?

March 1, 2024.

You have a little time then. Some conventions for March may not even be announced yet.

I did see a couple around that but the link is bringing up last years tickets. Disney wants $170pp plus tax. I would definitely hold out a bit and see if you can find convention tix in the next couple months.

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I was gonna suggest convention tickets as well! We’re using them for 2 days in September and running the numbers for my family (4 Disney Adults, 2 kids), it saved us $300 vs. the direct from Disney 2 day tickets.

We then applied those savings towards adding a half day with an after 1pm convention ticket to go to DHS on a different half day where we weren’t sure what we were going to do after about noon anyway. The price of a half day ticket for us all of us was $600 more than just the 2 days BUT since we saved $300 by going the convention ticket route and it gave us something to do the night before our flight home that we weren’t sure what we were going to do, it was an easy decision to make. I did also consider just buying 3 day tickets, but the half day ticket option was $50-$60 cheaper overall and there’s almost zero chance our plans that day would have us at DHS before 1pm.

So definitely check out the convention ticket route as things get closer.

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