Discounted/deals on Disney gift cards?

Does BJs offer a better deal on Disney Gift Cards than Sam’s club? I have a membership to Sam’s club so I didn’t know which one would end up being better. Any discounts or deal tips are appreciated.

BJ’s is currently offering their gift cards at an 8% discount (except for the $500 ones), which is better than other stores (and not typical, I believe it’s normally 4% off). You’re also supposed to be able to shop there without a membership through 11/4 (which is also not typical).

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I just posted this on chat!

Sam’s coupled with Dosh and chase freedom is better by about 1% but has limits. If you need them quick with large volume BJs is the better choice right now

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Sam’s 4%, Dosh return 5% up to $20 per day, chase freedom 5% cashback up to $1500 in purchases. 14% savings total.

Okay so I’m new to this part of the game - can you use them for literally anything in the parks and resorts? Food, souvenirs, etc?

Pretty much.

I just finished using them to pay all the cost of my resort and ticket reservations made thru MVT, and plan to use them to pay for a significant portion of incidental charges at the resort before checking out. Estimated that I saved close to $175 considering the purchase price of the gift cards vs their face value.

Thanks @jenn94! Is this online or just in stores? I can’t see any way to purchase online without a membership.

Any idea when the 8% thing ends? I do not have a BJ’s where I live so I would have to get the $10 online membership but not sure it will be worth it unless I will have some time to buy a few of them. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with my eGift cards from

I don’t see where you can get them inline without a membership either!

You should need a membership or the $10 online only membership. It has been reported that if you add the membership to your cart and then the cards that you can delete the membership at checkout and still complete your purchase of the gift cards.

Intrigued, I decided to give this a try. (I had never heard of BJs before.)

Anyhow, they were sold out of $100 gift cards (on line at least). The $500 gift cards, however, only save you $15 total, so the percentage savings wasn’t as good.

Instead, however, they sold a three pack of $50 gift cards for $138. That works out to the same 8% savings as the $100 gift card.

I added the membership to my cart, then went and added 3 sets of the 3-pack gift cards to my cart. The $10 on-line membership was still in the card. I removed it, but the gift cards remained with their same price. I proceeded and was able to complete the on-line purchase. So, I ended up with $450 worth of Disney Gift cards for $414…a savings of $36. Plus, since I paid using my Disney Visa card, that will earn me another 2%, for a total savings, really, of $42. That’s about a 9.3% savings.

Thanks for this!

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Hmm. I have a follow up question to this.

Can you use Disney Gift cards to pay for the Disney Annual Pass?

I’m wondering if I could buy enough gift cards to cover the Annual pass, then use them to pay for the Annual pass. It would effectively give me an 8% discount on the Annual pass.


Awesome. Then I might do so. By my calculations, I can effectively buy the annual pass at nearly $100 savings if I use Gift cards purchased from BJs.

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So, can someone confirm that Target still gives a 5% discount when buying with your Red card? I asked there, this past weekend, and they said that you don’t get the discount. If that’s the case, I’d rather use my credit card at Disney and get some cash back.

Not for certain, but I think I’ve heard recently that you can’t buy Disney gift cards with a Target gift card, essentially doubling up on the discounts. But that you can use the Red Card. Not for sure on that but that’s what I’ve heard floating around.

I haven’t seen an end date, but I believe someone said they called BJ’s and were told it was while supplies last.

ETA I just saw online it says through 10/31.

Actually, it appears this won’t work. BJs only allows you to order a maximum of 3, so my purchase of $450 worth of gift cards was the max allowed. I’m not entirely clear if that applies to other options. Like, I might be able to buy $150 worth of individual $50 gift cards, etc. Still, I could buy two $500 gift cards for a $30 savings I suppose. I have to think about this.

I’m not sure if the website will allow me to buy 3 more at a later date, or if they mean per annum.

This has not been enforced. Many liners are reporting buying way way more than 3. So actually it will work :wink:

So, I just realized I could answer my own question… sorry Folks. It looks like the gift cards DO still get the 5% discount at Target… at least online. I guess the cashier didn’t know what he was talking about… go figure.

I’m finding BJs interesting with regards to gift cards. Do other places do these kind of discounts often?

For example, they are selling two Steak ‘n’ Shake $25 gift cards for $40. That’s a 20% savings. We tend to go to Steak ‘n’ Shake at least once on our drive down/up to Florida. So, if we plan ahead like this, I could see buying these gift cards ahead of time to save even more on our total food for the trip. There are several other similar deals for places you eat, etc.

Of course, I don’t want to buy those things this far out…but when we get much closer, are these kinds of deals common? I just always kind of assumed that the face value of a gift card is what you could expect to pay for it.