Disaster trip help needed ASAP

The week we are supposed to go to Disney Nov 11-15 has turned into a complete disaster. 3rd grade musical, family marathons, best friends birthday, my mom diagnosed with breast cancer, husband lost his job, mom now works 2 jobs, and now school baseball tryouts. That’s why I’ve been MIA from these boards, too busy. I am devastated. We rented DVC points through someone on here, so I know, I’m totally screwed, no trip insurance, no refund. They said I can transfer the person on the reservation. Is there anyway to transfer our 5 day park hopper tix and MVMCP tix? I am beyond devastated.

I’m so sorry! That’s a lot to deal with. Sending positive thoughts and pixie dust.

I’m pretty sure tickets can be transferred even though MBs can’t.


Are the park hopper tickets good for a year? Or do they expire sooner.

I think they expire on 31.12.19.

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The tickets will expire but you will get full value applied to new tickets. Have you posted the DVC stay here and on chat? I took over a confirmed stay that was posted in chat in the past.

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Sometimes life throws some curveballs! Sending you and your family positive wishes.

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Jeeze, I’m so sorry! :frowning: Sending many positive thoughts.

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I am so sorry. I had to cancel our September trip because of my dads health. Did you buy the MVMCP through MDE? I had purchased MNSSHP tix for our September trip through WDW and I called and they refunded my money - worth a try. Can you save the park tickets for later? yes you would have to pay the difference I think if you don’t use by a certain date

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I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending you my best wishes and hugs.

I agree with @bethro23, phone Disney and explain - they might refund the party tickets.

And like others have said, the tickets will expire at the end of 2019. If there’s a chance you can use them by then, just save them. Otherwise I’m pretty sure they can be transferred to someone else.

I hope you can find someone to take the reservation.

But I think I read on here somewhere that even if park tickets expire the end of the year, the amount you paid will not be refunded but if you decide to go in say 2019 the amount you already paid would be applied and you just have to pay the difference. Is that right liners?

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Yes, that is true.

It may not be true for the new tickets (does anyone know) but it is true for those tickets.

I bought our tickets through undercover tourist :sob::sob: it would have been 95% refundable IF I hadn’t linked them to MDE - but of course I did, and they expire Dec 2018. I’m on hold with MDE now to see if I can get dates extended. Or maybe we could find a week in December, Idk.

MVMCP - I can get a credit fir later in the year up to 1 year.

DVC, I’d need to find someone to replace us. nov 11-15. Where would I advertise this in here, which category. Accommodations? And mention it on chat?

From Mousesavers - if you read 3rd parg it sounds like even new tix can be “traded” later, so long as they have NEVER been used

  • Any current-issue standard Disney World ticket expires after every admission on the ticket has been used, or on the listed expiration date, whichever comes first. When you buy current tickets, you choose a start date and a length, which sets a hard set of dates that the ticket can be used for. Before the start date or after the expiration date, the ticket cannot be used for admission.
  • Any older “Magic Your Way” ticket (purchased from stock created prior to October 16, 2018) or current “Flexible” ticket expires after every admission on the ticket has been used, or 14 days after it is first used, or the listed expiration date, whichever comes first. With these tickets, you don’t have to choose a start date – the start date is set when you enter a park for the first time. The 14 days is inclusive, so if your first use of the ticket is February 1, the last day the ticket is valid is February 14. Or, if it’s a 3-day ticket, and you use up that third day of admission, the ticket is expired as of the end of that day, even if it hasn’t been 14 days since you first used it.
  • Once a ticket has expired, if it has never been used it can still be traded in towards a new ticket or annual pass. That’s the key rule – any ticket that has never been used at all has value as a trade-in toward a new ticket, forever.

Crossing fingers for you. I always buy through UT. I think so long as you never use them, even if they expire the end of this year, you can “use” them later and just pay the price difference


She said if you link them to MDE you get an expiration date from Disney, and Disney said bc they were not bought by Disney it’s a firm expiration date and I’ll lost them after 1/15/2019.

Who said that?

UT said once you link tix Disney creates an expiration date. Otherwise I could have gotten 95% refund through UT

MDE, who I was on hold for 45 minutes with. Said bc I bought from UT they would not extend the expiration date.

I can transfer.

I’d call UT before I would believe that. I mean maybe, it’s true that they EXPIRE on that date, but if never used, you should at least be able to apply what you paid to new tix. Not trying to give you a hard time - just trying to help you out

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I did speak to UT. But maybe I’ll try again to speak to someone else and get clarification. Maybe they’ll have a different answer. I said so I would lose the money, no options and they said yes.