Disappointing things to happen

We’ve done threads about favorites, etc. We’ve done threads about embarrassment.

Now I’m curious about disappointing things that have happened on Disney (and other) vacations. Not meaning really heavy things, but more in a light-hearted fashion.

For example, here is an example from my own experiences (this one non-Disney):

Several years ago, on a two-day family trip to King’s Island, we ended our final day in the evening with everyone getting a snack of their choice as the darkness came and the lights of the park were around it. It was a joyous moment, and I discovered the best chocolate shake in the world at an ice cream parlor there.

So, fast forward a few years later. We decided to end another trip at King’s Island the same way. We all had our snack choices in mind, and I was SO looking forward to that amazing chocolate shake again. It was about 15 minutes before park closing, and I dutifully stood in line, excited that after 3+ years, I would get to partake again. I approached the counter and stated loud and clearly to the cashier, “I’d like the chocolate shake, please, make with Chocolate ice cream!”

The expression on her face destroyed me. “I’m sorry. We’ve already cleaned the shake machines for the night.”

“But…I’ve waited three years for this shake!”

“Would you like an ice cream sundae instead?”

And so my attempt to recreate the perfection from three years prior were dashed to ruins.

Anyhow. What about you? What “disappointing” things have threatened to “ruin” your vacation? :slight_smile:


Here’s another food disappointment…

I lived in Okinawa for 4 years and attended many of the local festivals. One of the most popular “street food” is okonomiyaki (assorted chopped veggies and meats mixed into a savory pancake batter and fried on the griddle, topped with a distinctive red sauce and mayo). Up on the mainland, there are restaurants that specialize in okonomiyaki; each table has a griddle built into it and they bring out the ingredients in bowls and you make your own). It is all but impossible to find this dish anywhere in the States. Then came Katsura (Japan in EP). They had it on their menu, I had it for the first time in 10 years, and it was awesome.

Fast forward a couple of years… I was back in EP, and was looking forward to an okonomiyaki lunch all morning. I arrived at Katsura, my mouth watering - to discover that they had taken it off the menu :frowning:


Back when DS was Pleasure Island, there was a mouthwatering hot dog place called the missing link. It had a neon sausage chain that blinked a link out in its logo. We had an ADR at a fancy restaurant but my DM and I held out for our beloved hottie… we didn’t even have a key lime pie! :scream:
And when we finally reached PI… the restaurant had gone out of business!!! Aaaaaaaargh!!! We went very hungry that evening.

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We were terribly disappointed when Fantasmic! got cancelled due to “inclement weather” (hate that recording by the way). We’d lined up early, waited a good while on those aluminum benches that iron out your butt, only to start hearing that dreaded inclement weather recording and having to go home early. :sob::sob::sob:

I was so excited to see a childhood favorite— country bear jamboree… on bus back to MCO— what’s the one ride we forgot?!?country bear Jamboree! It’s been over a week abd I’m still bummed. I know it doesn’t get much love- but man I loved that one.


On the first day of our 4-day Bahamian cruise DD9 declares she hates sand and wants nothing to do with the beaches. (That’s the kind of info I’d like before choosing and paying for a beach vacation, my dear!)

At AK I rush ahead to stand in line for FOTLK and ask my wife to get me a Dole whip on the way to join me. We missed our chance to get one at MK and this would be my only chance. She gets one, but between the heat and rum it’s a sloppy mess by the time she makes it to FOTLK line. And just when she gets there they start moving the line inside, so my first experience with the Fabled Dole Whip Of Legend is this sticky, runny, yellow mess that I basically inhale in a rush, then get a brain freeze and have to throw it away to enter the theater. Not a lot of “magic” in that particular moment.

Two summers ago we joined my brother’s family at their family home in Virginia for a week-long vacation. It’s an old house situated on the Rappahannock river and we usually swim in the river, jet ski, knee board, water ski, etc. There’s literally nothing to do except the water. On the very first day my kids jump in, are promptly stung by jellyfish, and refuse to get back in the water. $150 in next-day deliveries from Amazon later they have body suits which make them feel comfortable in the boat, but they refuse to swim for the rest of the week. It was a pretty boring week.

In March I turned 40 and to celebrate I paid for my brothers, their families, and my best friends to join us at a cabin I rented in Indiana. I picked this place because the owner agreed to let me set off a 10 minute fireworks show as part of our celebration. I spent about $1200 on fireworks, spent 60 hours of my life planning out a show loosely synchronized to music, and spent the entire drive to the cabin alone in my SUV packed full to the gills with explosives. At the cabin, I spent the better part of an entire day setting up and wiring everything to my firing system. I must have done something wrong with the wiring because only about 50% of the fireworks failed to ignite, including about 75% of my finale. Now, the nice thing about fireworks is that things still went up and went boom, so the kids still thought it was great, but it was a total failure relative to the vision in my head, and I’m left with a shed full of unused stuff and no plan to get rid of it.

About 4 year ago we took the kids to Hilton Head. On our second day there, then-DS3 is getting into the shower, slips, falls, and hits his head on the metal track for the shower door. Blood immediately begins going everywhere. We freak the hell out, squads are called, and my son takes his very first squad ride to the hospital. My wife rides with him and I drive separately with then-DD5. By some miracle, by the time I get there (without the benefit of sirens), and park, and locate them, he has already had the wound stapled and they are working on discharge paperwork. I’ve never seen such fast turnaround. And by some additional miracle, DS3 is relatively unfazed by all this. We take him for an ice cream and then he wants to go to the children’s museum and it’s basically back to business as usual, except that he has staples in his head and my wife and I need to chug blood pressure meds like candy to calm ourselves down. (_If you’re wondering how this fits the “disappointment” theme, it’s mostly because I thought for sure I could weasel the Marriott out of some special treatment on account of my son busting open his noggin in their shower, but nope. They were extremely helpful and kind and supportive, but tight-fisted-AF when it came to any sort of “consolation bonus”.)

Oh, yeah, and then there’s the time that I lost $3000 in cash on the first day of our two-week New Zealand vacation to celebrate getting out of credit card debt. Long story short, we took a major trip to NZ before kids to celebrate getting out of debt. Upon landing, I converted all of our traveler’s checks into cash to cover all meals, entertainment, shopping, everything for 2 weeks. We went out to dinner and there was no safe in the room, so I put that envelope of cash under a couch cushion to hide it. The next morning we get up and start driving to our next hotel and 2 hours later OH HOLY CRAP I LEFT THE CASH IN THE ROOM. So, no big deal right, just call the hotel and tell them not to clean the room and go back and get it, right? Yeah, that’s what I should have done. What did I actually do? I called and said to the helpful desk agent “hey, can you go into room 123 and look to see if I left an envelope of cash in the couch?” And he says “sure”, and puts me on hold, and comes back 10 minutes later to say “nope, sorry bro, wasn’t there”. That’s when I realize that I’m the world’s biggest idiot and then spent about 30 minutes by myself in the car fighting one of the hardest mental battles of my life before ultimately resolving to enjoy the vacation anyway. In the end, we celebrated getting out of credit card debt by going about $3000 back into debt, and that desk agent at the hotel did whatever a-holes do with $3000 of stolen cash.

Good times all around :slight_smile:


Oh my Seth, you really have bad vacation mojo! I love the way you wrote all of these down, I quite enjoyed it to tell you the truth. That might make me an awful person, but the way you tell the stories, just fantastic!


My son was born on vacation (quite ahead of time, obviously). He’s not really a disappointment, though :rofl:


As a labor and delivery nurse, I would love to hear this story!


All I was doing was watching Phantom of the Opera at 30 wks in San Francisco, I swear!

There was no reason for it, he was fine & is now studying to be an aerospace engineering so none the worse for wear.

Let’s just say I have Medjet medical evac insurance now! I had to spend five weeks there after he was born which was hard on the other kids. But I was visiting my sis, so there’s that. In another very odd twist to the story, her FIL was a newly-retired OB and his partners took care of me. I’m sure I was a terrible patient.


Took my older two boys to WDW in 2000. Second DS6 was obsessed with Bear in the Big Blue House show about a giant orange bear. HS had a live action show for this and he was SO excited. Show starts, bear comes out, kids are singing & dancing along to the theme song. DS6 gets very quiet and clingy… I ask what’s wrong? Doesn’t he want to sing with bear? He looks at me with shock and horror and says, “THAT’S A MAN IN A BEAR SUIT!!!” And the veil was forever lifted from little Mister Cynical’s eyes.


Oh, I remembered another recent one. In preparation of our trip to WDW last week we re-watched a few movies, including Lion King. DS7 loved it.

I was super excited to see FOTLK and kept telling him it was like a live action version of Lion King with acrobats. So we get there, the show starts, and through the entire thing he just keeps complaining “this isn’t the Lion King story dad, it’s just songs”. Like, over and over and over and OH MY GOD KID I GET IT. He was overtired and overstimulated anyways which I’m sure contributed, but instead of being an awesome highlight to our trip it became this 30 minute ordeal where I kept checking my watch, hoping they’d hurry up and finish the 9th verse of Circle Of Life and clear the stage so that we could leave before he hit full-on meltdown.

And to commemorate the experience we of course bought the a stuffed Simba for like a thousand dollars, that the kids swore they simply could not live without that now sits ignored at the foot of DS7’s bed.

And that, my friends, is why you should put a rest day between rope-drops if you have young kids.



You know, this was supposed to be a thread about Disappointing things to happen. It wasn’t meant to be a therapy session! :wink:

This has got to be about the most painful scenario I could imagine. Look. See there? I’m even starting to twitch at the thought!


Okay. This one isn’t high on the list of disappointing things, but whatever. I created the thread, I can do whatever I want! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyhow, in the ninth grade, my best friend at the time invited me to go with his family (he was an only child) on spring break to Florida. We’d hit up Magic Kingdom, plus visit his grandparents in Bonita Springs, FL.

While we were there, we decided to go shopping. Now, this was the 80s, where fashion reigned supreme, and so I wanted to get a shirt. Since I didn’t have much in the way of money, however, I did most of my shopping in the clearance racks where I found this absolutely FABULOUS pink button up shirt with geometric patterns all over it. It was “totally awesome”! Only problem was, it was the only one left (being on the clearance rack) and a little bit big.

“No problem,” my friend’s mother said, “It looks good a little big, and you’ll eventually grow into it.”

So, I decided to go ahead and buy it.

I finally managed to fit into it by my senior year of high school, at which point pink button up shirts with geometric patterns were, shall we say, much out of fashion. Like, gag me with a spoon.


We were at WDW right after Frozen Ever After opened. I was telling my sister, niece and nephew about if for months and how excited I was because I was able to snag a FP for it on our last day - it would be the finale for our trip! When FEA opened, it was more often than not down for technical issues which is exactly what happened when it time for our FP. So much for the grand finale. Lesson learned - never leave critical FP to the last day right before you head to the airport!


I have had two classical c/s (one in 2008 and 2012)… simply due to previous abdominal and intestinal reconstructive surgeries… my doc just used a the same scar… now my stomach looks awful but that’s just the way it goes sometimes! glad your son is a thriving college adult!!!


My disabled nephew is a huge Bear in the Big Blue House fan - our first trip in 2008 (the “once in a lifetime” one ha!) - Disney dropped Bear from the show the week before we arrived. Luckily, Sean is non-verbal so he didn’t comprehend that he was missing out on anything. But the rest of us were disappointed for him.


I actually think this is more sort of funny than disappointing, but years ago, we went on a family vacation with my family (Me, DH, 4 DD and 6 DS), my sister’s family (Sisiter, 3 DS, now ExDH) my dad and step mother, and our friends (another 8 people which included 2 kids). We rented a huge, beautiful house on the beach on Hilton Head Island. It had an in-ground pool. We arrived on Saturday around noon and I guess the pool service guy showed up at the house to clean and shock the pool. My now ex BIL saw the guy pull up in the van and said “Don;t shock it now because we are all enjoying the pool”. Pool guy agreed and told EX BIL to pour the huge bucket of pool shock into the pool after everyone out of the pool and would be OK to swim the next morning. The week goes on. Everyone swims in the pool A LOT> I start to notice the water is looking a little green. I mention it to DH. He thinks because it is getting so much use and it is so hot, it likely is just from that. Ex BIL says nothing. Fast forward to day 6 and almost all are complaining of ear pain. Pool is dark green. We call the owner. Owner calls us back and says “pool guy says one of you told him not to clean and shock the pool and that he would do it later”. None of us know what the owner is talking about. Ex BIL says “oops”. He never shocked the pool. Everyone but me and my DH got terrible swimmer’s ear (thankfully nothing worse). DH and I were the only ones who didn’t because we never dunked our heads under water and mostly swam in the ocean. It’s a funny story now, but at the time we were so angry at ex BIL.


You’re lucky you weren’t more sick, pools (esp. heated ones) are germ-fests long before they turn green. That is a truly horrifying story. Thank God no one in your party had a poor immune system.

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Just curious whereabouts…I used to live in Callao and worked in Warsaw (Richmond County) and don’t hear much about the Rappahannock, like, ever. Beautiful area but after three years I had had enough. Moved back to Long Island :slight_smile:

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