Was just talking to a friend who is considering DVC. She has a lot of research yet to do. I told her to approach Riviera with caution and explained why. She said that Disney has not disclosed the resale restrictions to her and that “this is the resort they are working hard to sell me on.”

I am not at all surprised they are pushing Riviera, as it’s the newest one. Makes full sense. But I was so disappointed to hear they have not mentioned about the resale restriction, which is a huge thing for someone to consider.


I guess I am not surprised. I agree, disappointed too.


It’s just that they’ve always seemed to have more integrity than that. No pressure sales, think on it, learn as much as you can.

Now they seem to be hiding this important detail.

It makes me sad.


They continued to push Copper Creek when they knew it was impossible to book.


What is happening?


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(how did you get past the “doesn’t seem like a complete sentence” to post that???)

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I don’t know. I didn’t even mean to hit post yet!


Well, I’d like it, but… you know…

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Did your friend have the full sit-down meeting with the agent? I know to us, the resale detail may seem like a huge issue. But, (playing devil’s advocate here) from Disney’s point of view, that is just one of many details that the buyer needs to consider and one that they may not put emphasis on. I don’t think they want owners to think about selling before they’ve even made the purchase. It just might not be something they would mention at an initial meeting with a prespective buyer, but something that they would disclose when legally required to.
If I was a DVC salesperson, and god willing someday I will be, the shpiel would be more on the benefits of ownership rather than “let me tell you right now how you can get out of this”.
I guess I am also assume she is considering buying direct from Disney.


By phone only so far. Your point is valid

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I don’t own DVC but just in case I win the lottery… what resale clause should I panic about?

Beginning with Riviera, and presumably all new DVC going forward:

Original buyer, direct from Disney, can use contract points at any DVC resort. However, when that contract is later sold via resale the person buying it via resale can only ever use the contract points at Riviera (or , presumably going forward, the original resort)

“You HAVE to stay at Riviera for the rest of your life!”
Uhm… I’m not seeing the problem amiga!

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Some people prefer to have options. There will be the rare person who is content never to be able to try any other resort. But most will. And that will devalue the contract at resale. Which, IMO, devalues it from the start.


Yes, I love Copper Creek but if that standard view Poly is still available at 7 months I am going to try Poly. I like having options.


Ok, I see your point. But why would you sell off your DVC in the first place? Unless disaster strikes and you’re broke or something…


And you don’t want to be in a position where it’s hard to sell if you’re forced to, or to take a low prive

There’s also the issue where there might not be availability when you want to go. Which means you won’t be able to book a room. If this was copper creek and I had bought resale, I’d be seriously infuriated. As so far, I haven’t been able to book a room there yet.

Which is where the head scratching really starts for me on the Disney perspective. They are essentially telling resale-buyers to stay away instead getting that sweet sweet park/restaurant revenue from a stay. And all to deter a resale?

Did I misread?, I thought Riveria was only good at the 14 hotels too, even when bought direct. So no Hawaii or the other ones?

Yes, it is very hard to book at Copper Creek but when I called my guide to add another resort, one I can book at 11 months, he tried to sell me more Copper Creek…