Direct Magic Band?

Ok this feels like it takes the cake in terms of Membership Extras!

I have had no regrets in purchasing resale but I really like the colors on this! However, on what planet is a Magic Band going to push someone to buy Direct?


They are cute! I didn’t realize you had to prove direct membership to actually buy a DVC MB. I thought saw some for resale recently? :thinking:


It’s intense! I don’t particularly even care that it’s DVC, I just liked the blue and gray…


I wonder if the band will end up being linked to your MDE account when you purchase?

I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen something where you have to prove your eligibility before buying.


That’s crappy. I hate how they put the separation between direct and resale. Direct is SOOOO expensive unless you can get it with all the incentives and sales, etc. I bet some people do actually buy direct for the “branding” factor. What is it, blue card or white card?

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It must somehow! I’m guessing it’s like the APs where they only show up as an option if you are eligible?

Blue card is the direct card. Like I can see an argument for almost every single membership extra but this seems silly. However I definitely know status symbols are a thing.

Unrelated it’s worth noting that I was today days old when I found out that only MagicBand+ works on DCL and not regular Magic Bands! :sob:


Second choice but $45 is steep.


Blue is my favorite color! I like second choice best!

Disney, get it together with Magic Bands. I want all of my bands to work all of the places, Alright!


Oooh - it is beautiful!

When I was at Aulani they reached out to tell pick up my Memeber gift. When they were checking my memebership I was like “surely I don’t have to be direct, you all reached out to me.” She was just making sure I wasn’t a renter…

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Heh - they email me about membership extras ALL the time! They can’t keep track lol.

I know! But if I am staying at your hotel, and I you leave me a message on my room phone, you better give me the goods!


I like both

But I hate MB+

And I’m not buying a $45 MB

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I get it…the Membership Extras are supposed to be an incentive to buy direct.

But I find it annoying. First, that I’m a DVC “Member” as a resale owner, but I don’t qualify for “Membership Extras”, because I’m not a “special” Member. The “Member” terminology is confusing in this case.

Also, if the original owners of my DVC contract hadn’t sold, Disney would still be giving them Membership Extras. So, the fact that they sold it to someone else (me!) really shouldn’t make any difference other than to treat CERTAIN members as second-class citizens.

Ultimately, though, I keep reminding myself that I would NEVER save as much money by taking advantage of membership extras as I would have SPENT buying direct versus resale. I would have to save approximately $11000. I can buy an awful lot at Disney with $11000!


I have a resale OKW but bought that before the 2019 (?) cutoff, so I’m grandfathered. This would have been clear in your contract I think?

I agree that it’s ridiculous, though.

Yeah…it’s clear to ME. But Disney continually sends me emails and mailings advertising things for DVC Members! I AM a DVC Member. But they don’t actually mean me. They mean members who qualify for membership extras. But since I don’t, why do they keep sending me ads for things targeting “non-member” DVC members?

My only thought is they believe that if someone buys DVC resale, they are more likely to see the membership extras they are missing out on and decide to then buy direct? Perhaps they are right. I don’t know.


I like magic bands in general but I don’t own any MB+. I was playing around on DCL and imagine my surprise that DH has an active Magic Band and I have nothing! He got the cool Epcot one last time we were there and I do think I remember having a little sticker shock. But now I want one for the cruise… :sob:


You can still buy the MB 2. Very limited options…mostly just solid colors. But I did buy one MB+ for our last trip, and decided I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as conformable to wear, and I never took advantage of any of the enhanced features.

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They don’t work on the cruise ship! (I have a nice solid rotation of “old” ones for the parks.)

MagicBands don’t work in general, you mean?

This 100% pisses me off and if they have the information to prevent me from buying a magic band then they have the technology to not send me an email advertising Moonlight Magic. But like you said they have no incentive to not do this. It most certainly doesn’t make me want to buy direct, it makes me lose goodwill on behalf of DVC.