Dinner Reservations for January

60 days out from the first day of our January trip. Got up at a ridiculously early time to make ADRs. But it would only let me make them for the first day! I thought you were allowed to make for the entire trip? Did that change? Or is it just another IT glitch? It shows my entire hotel reservation/theme park tickets linked.

That said, can someone recommend one of those services that makes the reservations for you? I am not getting up at 4:45 EVERY day this week.

Are you staying on-site? When is the first day of your hotel stay?

I use a TA and she gets up and makes all my reservations.

Yes, staying on site. First day of reservation is January 22, and they allowed me to make a dinner reservation for that night. But for none of the rest of the week.

That is weird. I made a reservation for 1/31 today. I think I could have made 2/1 today but I don’t want any.

Would you like to be a Disney friend of mine, and I can make the reservations you need up to 2/1? Send me a PM.

ETA. I was on hold with Disney for 4+ hours yesterday. I couldn’t make a Savi reservation past my first day (1/29). I thought it was because it was an experience and not dining. But, no, they just hadn’t loaded the reservations for that week. She said Biergarten has also had that problem.

So there’s a workaround that might solve this problem, I hate to call it a hack because that suggests it isn’t legit when it actually is.

iIf the dates are grayed out, hit Check Availability.

You should get a pop-up window that allows length of stay searches

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Okay I will try that! But what’s happening is it lets me search on a date . . . but then tells me there is no availability whatsoever at any restaurant except that first day.

I am not sure what a Disney friend is? In any case, I’d hate to make you do the work for me, though it is really really kind of you to offer. It’s just annoying me - it worked last time, when I made dinner reservations for the trip that ended up being cancelled because of Covid.

I meant on your friends and family list on the Disney app.

What reservations were you trying for? I could go see if I have access to them. Might save you a 4-hour call to Disney :slight_smile:

Also, are you staying at the Swan or Dolphin? Lots of reports of those reservations not sticking in MDE.

You probably figured it out. We are staying at the new Swan Reserve. It shows up on my MDE, but I bet it’s not linked properly - which is why I can only do the first day. Guess it’s a phone call for me. Appreciate the help!

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I made reservations this morning and had no success for future dates on the app but was able to book through the website so not sure if you’ll have more luck there. I’m staying at Swan proper but have heard people on the forum say that they’ve had issues with Swan Reserve reservation but not Swan.

I’ve used mousewatcher.com with a ton of success for ADRs. It’s a paid service. Touringplans offers a free service that I’ve tried once and didn’t get the notifications in time before the timeslots were scooped up.

Really, it won’t be a problem for me to do those for you. I won’t be waking up at oh-dark-thirty, so it is fine. I’ll be pleased to get extra use out of the leading reservation. I’ll pm you what you need to add me to your friend list in MDE.

I read within the last day either here or on disboards someone with Swan reservations post that they were able to get reservations for the length of stay if they went in a different way.

I can’t remember who posted about it or in what thread - but there is a known glitch with reservations and Swan Reserve. I’ll see if I can find the post!

ETA: it was @bakauffman who had this issue back in September and I believe their only option was too call and get phone help with ADRs.

With the TP alerts, never rely just on the link. I think the link will only work for the first person who clicks it.

But you should always try signing in and attempt to book it anyway.

And if you don’t, remember to reset it so it continues to search for you.

Got told in chat that I MUST call to fix it. Now have been on hold for . . . 3 hours, 6 minutes. Honestly, part of the reason I’ve swallowed Disney prices is because things are usually efficient and easy. This is annoying me to no end. It’s a race to see if I get an answer before I fall asleep (see waking up at 4:45 a.m., plus my booster shot.)

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Can you book a cash room leading reservation, which will allow you access right now to book your week? That’s what I did to avoid the 6 am wakup.

Oh, that would be clever, wouldn’t it? I didn’t think of that.

Okay, it is simply not possible to book online for an entire reservation if you are at Swan etc. Must do with a person on the phone. Entire process took about 4 1/2 hours. So if you are staying there, be prepared, or do the leading reservation thing. (Cast members were very nice, but the whole thing was not what I expect of Disney. They are supposed to be more efficient than that.)

Just remember that the Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve are NOT Disney, so while the dining ADR CMs are, the hotel you have reserved at is NOT.