Dinner Reservations for January

But, the Swalphin even gets the Deluxe evening hours, so it isn’t like some random hotel.

IMHO it should be treated differently - and I don’t think if should get Evening Hours. It is NOT Disney.

There is definitely a delineation between on-property hotels at DL and Good Neighbor Hotels at DL - park reservations the 3 on-property hotels have their own bucket while the Good Neighbor hotels are the general ticket or hopper buckets.

I agree with you. But Swalphin has the Deluxe Evening Hours, even though actual Disney moderates don’t. So, not having the +length of stay for ADR’s has to be an IT problem.
When they first announced the early entry and evening hours hotels the list was shorter. Shades of Green and Swalphin weren’t on the list. Very quickly they were added. But I suspect that they weren’t added everywhere in the computer system.

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I don’t disagree, but if they marketing them as having the same benefits as the onsite hotel, they need to actually make it work that way.