Dinner at Walt Disney World area resorts

We are doing a pool/resort day for our first full day (June 6) at WL. I’d love to go to dinner at a nearby hotel but not sure of the setup and how to get there. We won’t have a car. I was thinking Kona Cafe or California Grill but I am open. We hope to get dinner at Geyser Point the day we get in.

It will be me, my DH, my sister, and my DD (7). So 3 adults & a kid. Good drinks and nothing insanely pricy would be great where we could sit down and relax. My DH loves good food but doesn’t like to pay huge prices, my sister is pretty healthy, I’m down for whatever and my daughter is good with kid food. DH & DD love desserts.

Here is a poll I did a while back with best TS restaurants at the resorts. The first poll in the post is for the MK area hotels. You can read through the thread to see people’s comments as well.


Thank you so much! Do you know about the transportation? Is the boat running from WL to Contemporary right now or only MK? Or could we take the boat to MK and walk to one of the resorts?

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My understanding is that only the MK boats are running, so you’d have to boat to MK then either walk, ferry, or monorail to another resort. Going to Contempo would be relatively easy since you can walk in 5 min from MK boat launch. Poly would take a bit longer since you’d need to take a monorail or ferry (or bus, if available).