Dining reservation - what time to check?

Tomorrow is 60 days out from my trip I want to try for Trader Sam’s reservations. What time should I start checking? 12:01am? 6am? Thanks!

Trader Sams doesn’t have advanced reservations. You can get on a waitlist in person.

But for other reservations I believe it’s 6am EST

I thought Disneyland opened technically 3AM Pacific but most restaurants are loaded later in the day?

Oh geez I didn’t even notice this was Disneyland :woman_facepalming:t3: maybe their Trader Sams dies have reservations? It’s been a few years since I’ve been there.

Yeah just ignore me! I’ll try to stay on my coast :wink:

They do @ DLR just made one @ognome1 thanks for the reminder - trip is well past the 60 day mark and we got in for lunch

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I live in CA and have never woken up at 2:50 am to get ADRs for DLR! I tend to start checking around 6 AM Pacific time and checking throughout the day, if I don’t see what I want. The worst is when it didn’t drop until 45 days out!

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The most recent time I was trying for dining it seems like most were dropped at 6am PST but it wasn’t always right at 60 days. So just check everyday at 6am PST until they drop!

6am worked! Thanks all