Dining Reservation Hack?

Final Reservations will be for May 20 - May 27

To hack the dining reservation systems with the 60 day window, I would begin by making my (fake) reservations starting on May 16 (10 days out from my actual last park day of May 26). I would be allowed to make my dining reservations starting on March 17(60 day window for fake reservations) instead of March 21(60 day window for Real Reservations), so Im ahead of the crowd by another 4 days,

After My dining reservations are locked in, I would then change to my actual real reservations of May 20 - May 27.

Has anyone tried this? Does the dining reservations cancel themselves out if changes are made to the new reservations dates?

Welcome to the forum! Yes this is a very common strategy. You’ll find a lot of info here - it starts off a while ago but the last post was this week.

Thanks for the reply…I looked over this thread and just missed it.

There’s a calculator in there somewhere that tells you what dates to book and when it’s safe to cancel.