Dining Plan Plus

Now a 4th option, squeezed between Standard and Deluxe plans but looks like the former deluxe plan at about $95 per adult

I like the idea of the Plus plan. The regular dining plan didn’t offer enough for me, as I grew bored with QS dining. I ended up with a lot of mediocre food.


It gives you flexibility. It’s two meal credits to spend however you want - 2 TS / 1 TS & 1 QS / 2 QS / 1 signature meal like CRT per day + the 2 snack credits

Having been burned by the DDP too many times, I’m still not sure I’d do this. However, I’m willing to do the math and see if $95 makes it worth it for me. It would definitely push me into doing two TS per day.

It sounds like it fills a void. I theoretically like the idea of 2 TS per day, but it ends up being so much time not spent touring. What it does do is make the “cost” of a signature meal a little more palatable.


and I’m saying 95 based on the mickey math with the fake booking

You’re correct. I saw it broken out on BlogMickey. It’s “technically” $94.61. That’s close enough to $95 for me! :smile:

I am adding a link to the other thread about this topic

I guess I need a blog…from before blogmickeypost:


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So I wanted to switch to this from the DDP for my April adult-only trip. I have an AP and have an AP room discount booked. They told me over the phone it’s not available to AP holders, military, or FL residents right now and had no idea when or if that would change. Why on earth would they do that???

Well that is annoying. I thought they liked us annual passholders who pay upfront for our magic.

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It’s because I booked an AP discount. If I wanted to switch it to the public room only discount, then I could get it. But that would add over $200 to my reservation just for the room so I gave it a pass.

That is really annoying.

Did you try to call again? I believe it took a day for DVC?

No, I haven’t. When I look on MDE to try to change it, it still doesn’t give me the option.