Dining plan dates leak!

Saw some information on few online sites that dates for free dining will be released Monday! Hope it works out for some of u😊


I didn’t plan on purchasing the DP on our trip this summer, but if it happens to coincide with FREE DP, well, that’s a horse of a different color! If it happens, I’ll be on the phone updating my package Monday morning!

I have never understood the hysteria over “free” dining. Nothing is free my friends. We actually don’t get the dining plan anymore as it isn’t a value any more.

When it first came out - it was a no brainer - but it has lost its value considerably


I wouldn’t change dates to get it, but if it happens to be offered while we’re there anyway, that’s another issue. I also won’t actually purchase it mainly because DD16 would rather eat from the kids’ menu at most places and it’s a waste of adult food cost. We’re going the last week of August regardless of whether the plan is offered or not.

Well I just thought if some people were ALREADY getting dining plan,park tickets it would be a good surprise

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We have a character meal crazed kid so the DDP always works in our favor…free or not! Now if I could only have a little self control at dessert time…


How does this work with it being released monday?

We are booked for 6 nights onsite at wilderness lodge (missed the discount tickets) with theme park tickets for 10 days starting on monday the 24th… with it being released monday, does this mean we are unable to apply for it?

then 2 nights at Animal Kingdom and 3 nights at Art of Animation

How does one get this free dining plan added?

You can call & add it assuming your room, dates, etc all match to what is required for the special offer…

Thanks, I might give them a call when it’s announced. Does it matter if the stay has already started when announced

Free Dining promotion starts Monday, but they are for travel dates in the fall.

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YES - Character meals are the single reason to get it. They are crazy expensive


Agree with Kyla307
Rumored dates are all over Internet. People plan trips around fall free dining. If you’re already at wdw your check in date wouldn’t be included.

Rumor was 4 am, I’ve been up since 2am and it’s after 4:30 and still no sign of FD. :frowning:

Since 2? You are dedicated!! :grinning:

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Same here!


There are some poor people who have been up all night!! I’ve been following a thread on another message board and talk about dedicated! I feel worse for them. Still nothing… :frowning:

Oh, that is terrible!!

For those of you interested, it’s live!!! I just added it to my package!! Whoohoo!!! :grinning:

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Just booked CSR for September.