Dining Plan changes 2020 - continuous updates being reported

There are reports, with screenshots, of changes to the 2020 Deluxe Dining Plan.

Credits for adults and children are now shown separately, which has obvious implications for those planning to share credits. It also means they can ensure that kids are ordering off the kid’s menus (or that someone is).

Anyone planning to use the DDXP “creatively” might want to re-visit the Plans.

Summary of changes so far:

Adult and child credits are separated on all plans.

Child credits can only be used to order off the child menu.

Child QS credits cannot be exchanged for snacks at all.

Sharing is still allowed, but with the proviso that child credits are used for child meals and adult credits for adult meals.

STK is refusing the dining plan as payment.

Update: Another report from Feb 15th seems to confirm that STK is not participating in the Dining Plan.

Casey’s are said to be introducing a child option.


Nothing about QS?

A follow up also suggests QS credits on the other Dining Plans are also separated into adults and child credits.

We were posting at the same time!

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Wow, that will be a huge change for a lot of families. Guessing there’s no price decrease to go along with being forced to order kid meals.

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No, because the rules always said you had to do that.

It was just the fact they had no way to track it before. Now they do.

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Well that seals the deal on the DP for us. Absolutely not worth the $ until my kids are much older.

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Interesting question that was just posted in the TP app. Can you still trade a child QS credit for 3 snacks?


Not seen anything yet. Maybe only “age appropriate” snacks? :wink:

Lol, no way they could enforce that at an EP Festival?

Well of course now that I have reserved the dining plan through dvc rental store and it’s nonrefundable… ugh. All I was planning on doing was letting the babysitter use my 18mo old’s magic band to get herself dinner at a qs but still

You can pay the extra to change your child’s park ticket to an adult ticket (think it’s £20pp) and they will then have the adult meal entitlement. This will cost you no more than the £20 on the QS plan but on the DDP/DxDP it will end up costing you a lot more in tips as you’ll be charged for all adult meals, increasing the total bill and therefore the tip payable. We did this in 2017 on the DDP so the kids could have more choice - the eldest probably ate his bodyweight in prawns from the adult buffet options at Crystal Palace, Tusker House and Boma so it was worth it but the youngest child (then 5) stuck with nuggets and ‘beige’ food all the way so it was a waste of money for him.


So you didn’t have to pay the extra for the dining plan? :astonished: Just the park ticket?

No just the difference in park ticket but we booked during free dining so if you’ve paid OOP to add or upgrade the dining plan then you would have to pay the difference between child and adult plan. I would never buy the dining plan OOP so I didn’t factor this in when I posted - sorry.

Yes, that makes sense! For a moment I thought you’d just found a massive loophole not yet closed. :joy:

No, I wish! Sorry to get your hopes up!

If my 10 year old wants to order from the kids menu at a TS (she generally eats like a bird on a hunger strike), will they use an adult credit that is technically hers or a childs credit for the meal she orders? For buffet and the one-price meals, I know it will be an adult credit. I figure it’s probably CM-dependent but wondering if anyone had any experience for regular DDP that has always been divided. We considered using deluxe but I didn’t account for this before since they were all pooled.

With the new changes, I am concerned that Disney will also not allow sharing with people not on the reservation. I sent this email early morning on January 1, and just received this response. I’m hopeful they will honor this. I’m planning to book deluxe today, and it will really be a problem for us if I’m not allowed to pay for meals for the people in my second room.

I have seen reports that people weren’t allowed to do that, ie: use an adult credit for a meal off the kid’s menu. Their options were to use a kid’s credit or pay OOP. That was today. I guess the systems can’t process a transaction like that now that the credits are being tracked separately.

Having said that, it may be too early to confirm that, it could be a one-off circumstance.

Thanks–I have time and I will follow to see. I could pay oop for those instances also.