Difficulty with Optimized Personal Touring Plans

While setting up my touring plans, it seems time to request a lighting lanes are “wrong”

As an example my HS touring plan request the first request for LL is not until 10:30AM with a Return Time of 5pm. This MUST be wrong, I am sure I can do better.

On another attempt the first request was at 7:09am, with a Toy story return time of 9:10-10:10AM, and a 11:33AM Toy Story arrival, then the second request for a LL is at 10:22AM for Tower of Terror for a return time of 7:15PM-8:15PM. With a Crowd Level of 6, I only get two Lighting Lane in a day?!? I am sure I can do better. Why does the optimized plan wait till 10:22AM to request the second LL? IMHO the second LL request needs to be scheduled for 9:00AM? IMHO a request for a LL should happen every 2 hours or as soon as the last LL us used.

I have checked YES to Genie+ and the earliest time is set to 7AM, I am staying On-Site Hotel so I check early Entry. I am tried changing the start time from the official early entry time to 7AM and still i get very inconsistent results with LL requests. Sorry for the venting but I expected better.

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Are you optimizing or evaluating?


On the app or website? That is weird.

website.I have the APP on my phone, but the website (on my windows 10PC) seems easier to navigate

You can select your second LL 2 hours after regular park opening, (assuming your return time is further out than that).

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I’ve had a lot of issues with Optimizing with G+ too.

Here is what I have done to create a TP that I am satisfied with:

(1) Based on history, I project which LLs and return times I will be able to get.

(2) I enter those LLs and return times in the “Additional Scheduled Return Times.” in the Advanced Options.

(3) Then I Optimize.


Good to know, so the first LL request should be made at 7AM, and the Second one can be made at normal Park opening (for me that would be 8:30AM). There for the 3rd request could be made at 10:30AM. That just makes my optimized first HS attempt was set to 10:30am crazy wrong, and my second HS attempt of 10:22AM not much better. I may try a 3rd attempt at HS, but the results so far have been inconsistent.

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No, whether you chose your first Ll at 7am or 8:29 the second one can only be made at 2 hours after park opening.

The 2 hour rule doesn’t apply to the first choice.

If your first return time is 9:05am then you can make your second one as soon as you tap in. But if your first return time is sometime after 11am, you have to wait until 10:30 am to make another. In that regard the Optimiser is (sort of) correct.

But I agree there is something odd happening.


This is my problem. TP is supposed to be the one that is projecting which LL and return times I will be able to get based on history. Not me. If I can do the data analysis on this then I don’t need TP.

Honestly not even going to make TPs for this trip. Jotting down some notes and winging it with my Liner knowledge and BG1.

But the average visitor doesn’t have eight years of reading the forum and chat so they can’t wing it. But a TP isn’t useful for them due to these issues with predictions.


Mine have been similar. Picking my first LL at 11am for a 4pm return to Buzz doesn’t feel optimal in any way.


TY all, it seems other have issues with Optimizing LL requests using Touring Plans. Thanks to DaveJ and NickyS for the help and clarification. I hope TP works to improve the algorithm for better LL requests.


In theory, I agree with this, but I wonder if there are too many variables for TP to make this function work.

I disagree with this. I can do the analysis for which LL to gret and expected return times, but TP is still very helpful in filling in the rest of my plan for each day.


I suspect that this is the case.

I’m hoping to see a new model wherein TP says “hey, we can’t really make you a TP in advance if you are going to use G+ but we will 100% help you optimize LLs to your advantage and help you have the best day ever. Based on your preferences, at 7am try to get this LL or this LL. Then come back and put in the results and we will tell you what to do next.” I think that wold help set expectations and people would feel safe that they can come back to their TP at 7:01 and get more instructions.

Liners are learning that this may be the best way to use TP right now but newer/less savvy users are just frustrated and complain on other Disney groups.


Great recommendation from @davej

And yes it is very disappointing that TP spent a ton of time for the software to be able to suggest when to get LL’s and predict their RT’s, only to launch a poor product.

I’ve also mentioned before that I’m concerned that TP will lose customers because of it.

Barring major future improvements, I’ll stick to this thought:


Agree. Well said.


I should clarify that I say all of this with great love of TP! I recommend them all the time. I’m clearly here using their product all the time. I identify as a Liner. I leave money in bibles :joy: I want them to continue to be wildly successful. So I am hoping they can tweak the product a bit more and keep pulling new users into the awesomeness.



I get where you are coming from, but I like the @MTrib suggestion better. That would preserve the ability for a user to add LLs into a TP and optimize around the LLs.


This! I mean I can comb through thrill data for this info, but it would be way easier if TP would just tell me the order I should get them in and when the approximate return time will be.


I recommend sending them an email if you don’t mind. They can look at your TP from there wnd and see how it isn’t working. That eill help to improve things doen the road.

I preferred the ability to add my projected LL return time to the current version.

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