Difficulty securing DVC Rental

Is the secret out about renting DVC points? I am planning another trip next May the week of Mother’s Day with my Mom and would love to stay at the Polynesian again. I researched renting DVC points and it seems like such a great money saving route to go if you are sure of your dates. I paid the deposit through DVC rental store last week but they have no member available to book at this time. I Also inquired with The DVC Timeshare store and dvc-rental.com. Was thinking about trying David’s but didn’t want to pay another deposit. Maybe I’ll have luck when the 7 th month window opens??? In the meantime I’m going to book a reservation through Disney when they release next week. Any thoughts? does anyone know how long it generally takes for A DVC rental to come through?

What resort are you trying to book?

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Sounds like Poly over mother’s day next year.

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It took about a month for David’s to find a member with points for our GF stay last December, and we put in the request right at the 11 month mark. It was a little nerve-wracking, but they seemed confident it would come through, and it did! Fingers crossed the Poly comes through for you!

Thanks, hopefully it will come through !

It looks like there is very good availability. I am booking the next weekend. Since it is about finding an owner with Poly points you might want to see if anyone else or MouseOwners has the points.

Thanks, reading and walking after a long day.

sorry it was a long day.

i get tripped up by multitasking all the time.

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It’s all about whether the brokers have Poly owners wanting to rent points out and whether anyone has enough points (if it’s a large number). And then whether any of them want to pick up your booking.

I believe David’s has the largest number of owners who register with them. I would definitely contact them.

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Don’t be too discouraged. I used David’s and they were great. I had to wait for the 7 month mark but then was able to book a 2 bedroom villa at GF for late October. I had to be a little flexible on my dates but I am happy with the results. I also stalked https://tools.dvcvacations.com/points-calculator and when I saw something that would work for my schedule I contacted David’s and they jumped on it. (They can’t “creatively” search for you - you need to give them more defined parameters.)

I too booked a back up plan in case nothing came through for some peace of mind.

Hang in there!

@schamberry At the 7 month mark, you can use any owner’s points to book Poly, not just Poly owners, so it’s likely they would have some points you could rent. However if you want a studio, availability will be your rate-limiting factor. Poly does have a lot of studios compared to other DVC resorts though, so hopefully you could get one. SSR would most likely still have availability at the 7 month mark in May too. Like @sbbradshaw said, you can check availability with the tool above and see if it’s getting slim as you get closer. I would keep an eye on the availability, and consider checking with David’s before the 7 month mark if it looks like May is renting up and you haven’t had success with DVC Rental Store.

The points calculator tool above isn’t really that useful for checking availability though.

I mean, I guess you could check your dates and see how many resorts had availability. But it tells you no more than that. Even DVC members can’t see how many studios are left at any point. And availability can change instantly.

The main use I can see for this is if you are already waiting for points with a broker; you would at least see if the particular room type is still available or whether it is gone. But even that is transient, especially at the 7 month window, when people try switching from their home resort to another.

never tried for poly, but for october trip it took 2 weeks at 11 month mark at BLT…really wanted Bcv or boardwalk but all they had was 1 BR…and im too cheap :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I probably would have better luck if i were open to other resorts and dates but really have my heart set on the Poly. I’m going to take your advice and look into David’s before the 7 month mark. Hopefully they should have some availability. Either way, it’s exciting to be planning another trip!

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If it cost money for David’s I would be willing to check DVC and see if there is availability. You can just PM me.

Thank you. That’s very kind of you, but don’t worry about it right now

So I booked a package with MVT when they released Tuesday. If my DVC rental comes through I was told I could link the new reservation in MDE to confirm and then cancel the other. But does anyone know if MDE actually will let you have two reservations with the same names and dates? I’m worried it might mess something up.

You can have a booking and then a DVC reservation at the same time. I did it for my December booking because I could not get a CC studio. I booked a MVT WL room to make sure I would have a stay. I then got my CC room and had both.

Ok thanks, that’s good to know it has been done!

No problem since at times DVC can be challenging to book. It is a separate system.