Different information in DVC online and My disney experience for guest

I made reservations for two studios originally one for me and one for DD. I am not able to go so DVC was able to change my DH to the guest in the one reservation. One the DVC site the guests show correctly. On my disney experience however, I show up as the guest in both reservations. With all this being done on the app, (and I show up as the guest in my Husbands disney Account) Won’t this be a problem? I have emailed Disney about it since we have some time before the trip, but no reply yet. Anyone have any experience with this?

If you go onto DVC and select to modify the trip
Select the same dates and same accommodation at the same resort (which is not modifying but the system is stupid)
And then save, it should update.

I had a reservation that I moved a bunch of times and it never showed in MDE updating the changes. When I did this it fixed it.


Even tho it is correct on the DVC page… I will try that.

Yes. For some reason it doesn’t update to MDE all the time even when it shows accurate on DVC.

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Did it take some time to update? Did not fix it yet.

I used chat on the DVC site and they unlinked my reservation from MDE and when it was re-linked it was corrected.

Other people have reported that when you do online check in, MDE will fix itself.


Hmm, it was pretty instantaneous IIRC

may need to call in or use chat as @PrincipalTinker suggests. Or do tha tonline checkin thing.

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Tried the online check in thing no go, will try the chat or call 1st thing tomorrow.

Thanks everyone

Did you put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in, and then did you shake it all about? Did you do the hokey pokey and then turn yourself around?

If not, I don’t know you can expect anything to work. After that, that’s what it’s all about.

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Yeah, I know, Disney’s IT department is one step above no IT at all. But one must try musn’t one?

thanks, used chat and It appears to be ok. Just hope it sticks.


Mine stuck after chat fixed it. Fingers crossed for you.


Okay…so, they know about this problem, and know how to fix it…so Disney IT should (ahem) easily be able to create script to look for this issue across their systems and then correct such instances automatically, since of waiting for each customer to call and complain about it.

In fact, that’s pretty much how they should handle any such failure scenario. This is continuous improvement, and would alleviate the strain on the phone system.

So many times like this I wish I could go work for Disney IT and help them fix their issues. This is so ridiculous.

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You don’t ask for much do you? I mean knowing Disneys lack of responsiveness to IT problems. Still waiting for the DVC card thing to be fixed aren’t we?


I would think they would want to do this NOT necessarily even because of end customer experience, but because they have had to hire a whole slew of CMs to manage all the additional phone calls as a result of people having to call in to address issues that they shouldn’t.

If they eliminated all these phone calls due to system failures, they could save millions of dollars, having shorter wait times on calls, higher customer satisfaction, etc.

Instead, they talk of reducing portion sizes, for example, rather than actually fixing the things that are costing them!


You’re talking about being proactive vs reactionary and clearly Disney has a penchant for operating on one of these (and it’s not the proactive)

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The wait times signify that Disney has NOT hired a whole slew of CMs to handle the phones :frowning:

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No…they have. In fact, it goes back to the FastPass days. When Disney started pushing more and more in the digital realm, they have had to higher increasingly more CMs for the phones to handle all the issues that the tech has caused. It continues to this day. They need far more CMs on the phones now than would be necessary if everything just worked as it should.

This means having a plan in place to systematically address the system failures. But, as @OBNurseNH pointed out, that is a proactive measure.

I see this in the software field a lot. Fixing bugs is often not seen by management as “directly” driving revenue, so it isn’t emphasized as it should. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Eliminating bugs can add to the bottom line moreso than more visible measures (such as putting out a new system to charge for line-skipping). I wouldn’t be surprised if all the money that was put into getting Genie+ out there had been instead put toward fixing the systemic IT issues, they would actually be better off financially for it in the long run.