DHS Rope Drop Gone?

I’ve been tracking the entry times (thanks to everyone posting!) and it looks like there hasn’t been an actual rope drop at DHS recently. Are they just letting you walk right onto rides after tapping in (at 8:30am)? Do you think this is a fluke or a result of rising Covid cases?

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I did see that at least one day last week there was no rope used, taps opened 45 minutes early and guests went free.

I would bet that they are experimenting on how they want to do ETPE starting 10/1. With the on-site folks spread out over 4 parks, there may not be a need for a rope. It all depends on how many people are gathered outside the taps for the early entry.

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It also may be in response to the uptick in Covid and the need to be more cautious once again?

Before we get too deep into our acronyms can we agree to call Early Theme Park Entry - “EE”?

I don’t wanna type ETPE each time!! :rofl::smiley::rofl:

My thinking is with the introduction of Early Theme Park Entry for Resort guests we will see an end to non-resort guest rope dropping. Basically Rope Drop will now be an exclusive benefit for resort guests. My take on what I’ve read anyway.


EE= Expedition Everest…


Ha! Nope. It’s good to learn all the words, this helps in training :joy:

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Thanks for the input, everyone! We’ll be there on Aug 18 with cousins who have never done DHS before. Trying to make it a great day for them :heart: Staying off-site, so planning to do the whole day (rope drop to close) and do as much as humanly possible (including a late lunch at the Brown Derby – because, of course). :blush:

Darnnit!! True!! :rofl:

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We were at HS one week ago 8/2 and that day we were allowed to tap in as we arrived around 8 and then held in the plaza area until 8:30 when everyone was released to go to rides. By released I mean walked back to ride line by CMs with strict admonition that anyone running ahead would go to the end of the crowd. But it was a crowded mass of people that we waited in until 8:30. And, at this point one week ago may be ancient data.

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So true! Thanks for sharing those details. Hope you had a great visit!

Good thinking. Maybe there will be a second rope drop at the turnstiles for off-site guests. They’ll have to corral us one way or another, right? Or will the parking lot just remain closed?

Some resort guests may elect to drive, so I would imagine the parking lot will be open. Unless they dedicate a lane into the parking lot for resort guests only?

It will be interesting to see how they separate the RD crowd (resort guest vs non) in the mornings when this starts.

Yes, indeed! How it done previously, with Early Morning Magic?

I know there were certain taps/ entrances used for early morning adr’s. I’m figuring there will be signs and announcements made for this. I just wonder about MK with everyone on Main Steet, for example, do we fight thru the masses to show a CM magic bands or card as proof and then continue on? We’ll find out in a couple months.

How did they use to do it for EMH?

We stayed offsite 3 years ago when AK had morning EMH everyday. There were taps on the left set up for resort guests, and taps on the right for day guests. We were allowed into the park before official opening, but held on the right side of the oasis before crossing the bridge into the main part of the park.

I can see something similar being done in HS by sending day guests toward the Indiana Jones show theater and at EPCOT in any number of the nooks and crannies of winding areas, but it’s not so clear at MK. Main Street is a straight shot to the hub. They may have to set up a second set of tapstiles just before the hub to differentiate resort and day guests. Universal does something similar.


Today we were in the front of the parking lot arrivals. They held us at the taps until exactly 8:15 and everyone went to where they wanted to go. I did see a “holding area” for people who wanted to ride sdd, they weren’t let back to toy story land right away. We went to mmrr and were held to the left of the theater and then the cast members walked us into the actual queue at 8:30 on the dot.
It kind of seemed like a hybrid of what they did in December, and traditional rope drop. I think they are just trying to find the right formula.


Thanks so much for sharing!

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