Design the worst replacement attraction ever

The talk about Stitch’s Great Escape being shut down got me thinking about what would replace it. And then I started thinking about how horrible a replacement could potentially be. So here’s the challenge:

Suggest a somewhat plausible replacement for a current ride that would make every angry. I’m thinking worse than replacing Maelstrom with Frozen.

Here’s my entry:

Re-make Carousel of Progress as…wait for it…Back to the Future! I know, I know, they would need to license it, but I think they could probably get it if they wanted it. Keep the current format of of the attraction but replace all scenes with Back to the Future themed scenes from the movies. And to top it off: replace the song with a collection of Huey Lewis songs, with the finale wrapping up with Back in Time!

Actually, it sounds kind of awesome, maybe they should do that… :wink:


Doesn’t really answer your question, but what’s funny is that every attraction that has been in that spot has been a complete dud. When I was a kid, it was Mission To Mars. It was basically a circular room, where absolutely nothing happened.

Then it was ExtraTERRORestrial Encounter, where the lights went out and… nothing really happened, except kids started screaming and crying.

Then it was Stitch’s Great Escape where again… nothing really happened, except kids started crying and it smelled like chili dog burps.

Whatever they put there can’t be any worse than the previous 3.


Also not quite an answer to your question but this reminds me of Letterman’s “Top 10 Worst Attractions at Disney World” list (none of them real but super funny):

Hall of Vice Presidents :joy:


Funny you should say that. When I told my kids the Speedway was temporarily closed because they are building a Tron ride, they laughed. They said the movie was dated, old and almost unknown and that a ride based on the bikes (or any of that stuff) would be really boring.


Your kids are right at least about the dated movie, maybe the ride will be better than we think :thinking:




Splash Mountain could be re-tooled to Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Or maybe Little Mermaid?


Nice one!

How about Peter Pan gets re-made into Up! with the pirate ships replaced by a little house under a bunch of balloons?


This is fun; I’ll have to think about this one…

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FoP uses the exact same ride system, but gets replaced with a simulation of the Tron Lightcycle Power Run.

Edit: Oh with one exception:
(FoP Spoiler)

the bikes breath


A bad attraction.

A reboot of stitch and ex-ter alien based on the ending of bolt when the aliens took penny.

This replacement impacts 2 attractions:

Step 1 - Jungle Cruise is replaced by a Moana Meet and Greet. Lots of space for multiple MnG rooms on the JC’s site.
Step 2 - Kilimanjaro Safaris is “re-imagined” with JC’s animatronics. Now you always get to see the lions on your tour!


Good one. You tick off both WDW and UOR fans with this.

Loved the concept of The Hall of Vice Presidents…Can you imagine VP Pence’s automaton with that perpetual wane half smile?!


I like it, but I’ll take it a step further: Hall of Senators

In a mere 16 hours you will be introduced to all the past and present us senators! You might even be lucky enough to see a filibuster :wink:

Now obviously, 12,000+ animatronics is not going to happen, so most of them will simply be store mannequins with strobe lights to simulate movement.


Great one! Take away a still new attraction before many can even ride it.

My favorite ride is BTMRR so I will go with that one. Remake BTMRR (which is already desert-ish) into a ride that is set in the desert golf course from High School Musical 2 (skipping the first one altogether seems like a terrible choice, so here we go). Yeti-esque animatronics of the HSM cast are littered throughout, and the worst song ever written (Bet on It) plays throughout the whole ride. The ending is completely painted white and plays that song from the end of the movie complete with disco lights and the pumping in of smells of catered food.


:rofl: this made my day

Can you spot which one is actually a Yeti? :wink:


When I was young (and, well, not-so-young) we used to imagine an amusement park where the purpose was to kill people in the most creative way possible. Things like drop towers that don’t slow down at the bottom, but speed up! And coasters that go upside…without ANY RESTRAINTS at all, etc.

So this thread is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from that load of fun!

I think It’s a Small World should be re-themed after the movie “Chucky”.

Oh, and how about Spaceship Earth re-themed to “Behind the Scenes of Spaceship Earth” where all you do is take the little cars through a scene-less structure so that you can appreciate the inner beauty of the giant bucky-ball.