Departure Day Luggage Storage While Resort Hopping

On our departure day, with a mid-afternoon flight out, I was considering taking the skyliner from Pop to the Riviera for brunch. Should I:

1- Leave our luggage with Pop’s bell services and travel back and forth on the skyline and Uber from Pop to MCO?

2- Take our luggage (carry on roller type) with us to Riviera so we can Uber straight to MCO? If so where would I store my suitcases while there?

(Or should I scrap Breakfast A La Art and hit up Boma for breakfast instead? And again, what do I do with luggage? Leave them at Pop or bring them to Boma with us?)

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Would you Uber to Riviera? I don’t think you can take luggage on Disney transportation.


My plan is to take the skyliner. I am assuming I can take rolling luggage on it. (1 small carry on for 2 people total).

I need to find out more about what is allowed up there.

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Last I heard, they will not let you take luggage on the SL.


Agreed you can’t take luggage on Skyliner so if you do breakfast at Riviera (which gets great reviews) you will need to Skyliner there and back or Uber to Riviera with your luggage.

If you go to Boma, you can Uber with your luggage and leave it with Bell Services there. Just tell them you’re checking out — they won’t ask for a room number. I did this exact thing Monday morning.


And don’t forget to have some folding money, to tip bell services.


Going to piggyback on this question. Thanks for pointing out that you can’t take luggage on any WDW transportation. That makes perfect sense, yet I hadn’t really considered it as I was trying to figure out my departure day logistics.

Here’s my situation: I will be staying at Riviera, and on departure day I have a KTTK tour currently scheduled. I will be solo, and in order for me to do the tour and make it to my flight, I will need to leave MK as directly and quickly as possible. I’ll just have one small carry on, and I believe it will fit in the MK lockers, should I choose to use those.

First, it seems the only way you would be able to use the MK lockers for luggage would be if you walked with your luggage from a resort. So I could Uber to CR and walk to MK, then use lockers. I think I would have to depart back to CR and catch an Uber from there. If I do that, perhaps it makes more sense to leave the bag with bell services than the locker. Is there a better path than this one? What would be the most efficient use of time?

The KTTK tour says it it 5 hours, w/ 9 am start time. So does it really last till 2 pm? Can I just bail whenever I want, if needed? Is there some variation in the duration?

Should I just schedule the tour for another time so I won’t have to sweat the time crunch? I could also reschedule my flight to the later flight, though I prefer not to do that. I am deliberately not telling you what time my flight is because I am one of those people who likes to show up at the airport at the last possible minute, and I think it would cause some people some concern. . . :slight_smile:


I am one of those people too! If I’m not checking luggage, I’m perfectly content rolling up to the airport within an hour of my flight. It generally take 30 mins to get through security and to the correct terminal. They always board early but as long as you’re there before takeoff, it should be fine :smile:

I would check your bags at Contemporary. It’s the easiest. No need to fuss with a locker. And you can’t uber from MK proper so Contemporary is a great choice.


I would assume it is until 2pm. Why would you need to bail early? I would think you could get to the airport by 3:30 easily enough. If that fits with your flight, I would plan on that.

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I don’t want to bail early if it ends at 2, I’m more concerned that I would need to bail if it runs long.

Thanks for your input–I appreciate it. And arriving late at MCO is particularly easy with TSA pre-check. It is virtually always a breeze. It’s a real contrast with my “home” airport in DC, where the pre-check line is often longer than the standard line (though still moves faster). People in DC know how to pay for their privileges! :rofl:

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I’m out of New Orleans, MSY, and that airport is super easy to get through and not that big.
With pre-check, it should be a breeze.
I would think you could leave the tour for any reason at any time.

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How would you get the bag to the CR?


This is what I would do. I’m not entirely sure your luggage would fit in a locker anyway. However, to get into Contemporary you will need an ADR there. Even if you use it as a throwaway and just pay the no-show charge, I would book something so security will let you in. I don’t think KTTK tour would suffice.

If I’m wrong about the lockers at MK, then you could take a Minnie Van directly to MK bus depot and you could walk your luggage from there.

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Uber from Riveria. Can’t use Disney transport. Cost should be minimal though.


Are they letting Ubers enter CR these days? I haven’t seen any recent reports either yes or no.


I personally wouldn’t like the stress of worrying about getting the luggage elsewhere and picking it up in time after the tour. What if something unexpected happens? Are you prepared to miss your flight?

If it were me, I would schedule the KTTK another time so that the day can be less stressful. (But…I would LOVE to do KTTK at some point, so I can see the struggle!)

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You have to have a reservation I believe. I think you can enter 1 hour early for a reservation so as long as you can snag something for 9:15 or before it should be fine. $10 is the penalty.
I wonder if you can bring luggage on the Monorail…
It would take longer but you could Uber to Epcot entrance and rail over to TTC and then to a Monorail resort to check luggage…


Ok, just made a breakfast ADR at CR. Of course, I couldn’t make one for one person, so had to make it for two. That potentially means $20 to no-show. Thanks for flagging that because I didn’t think of that. I assume I’d also need an ADR to get dropped at GF?

My understanding is that luggage is forbidden on all transport, so not the monorail, or boat, or bus. I do appreciate why, but it’s still annoying knowing that my little suitcase will take up way less room than most strollers people load.

I also could just leave the bags at Riviera and then plan to abort the tour sooner than 2 pm. What’s a reasonable estimate to get back there by bus? 45 minutes?

And if I miss my flight. . . I think that will be ok because there is a flight 3 hours later with plenty of seats. I honestly could just switch to that one. . .

It shouldn’t be this complicated!


Well… that’s the solution! (To me.). Because then you could just use Disney transportation back to Riviera and grab your luggage before heading to the airport. No muss, no fuss.


Yes but if you could get it for 1 person, you would save $10.

From walking out of MK at the train station to Riviera, yes- I would say 45 mins.

It would give you some breathing room. And day of flight sticker shock is real!

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