Decisions, decisions... Cruise or WDW - OR in a wild change of events, Disneyland!

Trying to decide about February…

I’m currently booked on the Marvel Day At Sea cruise out of Miami - all paid up and super excited for it.

BUT if I get down there and test positive on their test, no cruise for me. Scary thought since I have no way of staying isolated for the week prior. (My saving grace here would be if I test positive in the next couple of weeks I’d be exempt from the at-port testing with a letter since you can still test positive after being cleared. NOT that I am wishing a positive test on myself.) I love cruising and have missed it a lot! Plus Marvel Day At Sea!! I could change to the Dream next year, which I suspect will be their MDAS ship if they continue that - it’s the only one that’s showing 5-night cruises which is what MDAS tend to be - but so far it’s not changed.

I could change to go to WDW for part of that time in February, and it has some definite pros… I wouldn’t have to worry about the testing, I’d get a little bit of money back for food, etc., and pretty sure the flights I could change to would let me cheer on the Princess Half. BUT it’s Presidents’ Week, so it would be really busy and the only resort available in my budget is POR, which is not one I’m eager to return to (just the atmosphere).

I know I’ll need to make the call in a couple of days… UGH!

So if you test positive and can’t board do you get a credit or a refund? Could you book WDW room only as a backup and time it so that if you don’t test positive you can still cancel WDW with no penalty?

You’d get the money either as a credit for a future cruise or a full refund.

The big issue with the back up room option is the cruise leaves out of Miami, so I’d have to get from Miami to Orlando. And I don’t drive.

So I really need to make the call earlier rather than later. (And right now all the parks are available for park reservations. I doubt that would be the case last-minute.)

Hmmmmmmmm. I know there are several shuttle services that go between Orlando and Miami. I remember looking them up before my cruise a few years ago. I didn’t realize you had to test right before embarking. If you have an AP I would go ahead and reserve the park days just in case and maybe book WDW for the day after embarking to give you a full day to get from Miami to Orlando. I would just priceline the 1 night somewhere.

The cruise ship uncertainty is how I ended up at DLR!


I was going to do DLR but that seemed iffy with food (especially since I am gluten-free) and crowds/rides.

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I will make this short Had a Disney cruise on the Fantasy end of April. Decided to cancel. Too many if’s about Omicron. Ships are already being turn away from ports of call and testing leaves you in limbo. Test to board shuttle, tests to get on and off ships. Could get stuck in foreign country. No thanks! Think we will look at two weeks in WDW instead.

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I guess I’m not gluten-free but there seemed no end to the food options there. I could have stayed another 5 days just to eat.

But again I have no dietary restrictions.

Yeah - very limited for food restrictions. From reports on other forums. (Though I did have suspicions that many of those are locals who would prefer no one else goes to DLR…)

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DL is a dietary restriction crap shoot. Purely based on what a close family member with allergies has advised me, DL is no where near as accommodating as WDW. I would liken them to Universal. Heavy self advocating is required.


I’m in this boat (had to do it), too. (I think we are posting the same spots on dis actually). We are booked on the 1/22 MDAS and have been SO. EXCITED. And then omicron. With an unvaxxed 3yo and so many people testing pos regardless of vax status, the prospect of driving 14 hrs home from Miami has me making plan Bs. If we all end up with covid next week (both kids in school and DH works in hospital), then we’ll go on the cruise. And “I’ll only go if I get covid first” isn’t exactly making me feel all vacationy. Ugh. I was SO looking forward to my first DCL.


Yeah - It isn’t my first, but my first MDAS and I love Marvel.

But it would be fun to cheer on friends at Princess - and since I’m going back in August I would not have to super stress about not getting things done…

I guess I am only in the room to sleep, so Riverside might not be THAT bad…

(And yeah, since I teach and the outgoing and incoming NYC administration has made it clear we are NOT going remote, there is the possibility I could come up positive. Or heck, flying home today I could just single mask and chance it. But the possibility that I might not be asymptomatic is scary.)


same. i’m doing allll the back up planning because the best case scenario at this point involves the back up plan… we stay covid free, go to WDW instead and then cruise later. but if we get covid and recover in time, we cruisin’ lol


I wish I had the money to have both booked. I need to decide one way or the other.

I’ll sleep on it tonight and probably make the call in the morning. I could always change August to a cruise.

I just popped it on the CC since it’s within the month and I won’t have to make a payment until I’ve decided. And honestly, swapping WDW and cruise sounds better. WDW in FEb is lovely, not so much in August, and at least w/ cruising it’s hot but you’re sitting by the pool, not walking 15k steps!


In a wild turn of events, I’ve decided to just deal with the food thing and go back to the original plan of Disneyland. I’ll update with the resort (a Good Neighbor property) once I get confirmation from my TA’s associate (mine is currently on a cruise! :slight_smile: ).


Disneyland sounds like a great plan! Have fun making new plans- isn’t that the best part anyways??


My kids have multiple allergies. WDW is very easy compared to DLR for us. But DLR is doable. (We cover four of the top 8 allergies.) Feel free to ping me if you have particular questions. (Our experience was all pre Covid though.)


I should add that food aside, we LOVE Disneyland. Have fun!

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I did DCL in October and had the same worries and anxieties and you @lizzieanne771 and @dboothsummers before our cruise. I had planned back ups in case any of us tested positive at the port. All three of us were vaccinated. DS12 was wearing masks in school and I work in the public schools too so I was wearing a mask at work and in public. We made sure to limit going out in public and crowds the two weeks before the cruise as well. Hopefully you all stay healthy and can do the cruise. We got to go on the cruise but the stress beforehand made me lose handfuls of hair. I feel your pain but the trip was worth it.