December - The ADR Lottery

Promptly at 6:00 this morning, I filled out my lottery numbers for:

Topollino’s (6PM)
Sci Fi (11AM)
Homecomin’ (Brunch)
The Edison (6PM)
Celebration at the Top (Just to see)

I ended up with:

Topollino’s (8PM)
Sci Fi (3PM)
Homecomin’ Brunch (Nothing)
The Edison (6:15PM)

Basically, I won two dollars on my tickets. :wink:
I took what I could get and plan to modify the heck out of it. Back at it tomorrow morning when I can book the remaining 7 days.


Oh, and I know Celebration at the Top is rumored to be going away soon. I got this …


I hope I get more winning numbers!


Do I remember correctly that some people have called Homecoming directly for a reservation?


Yes, non-Disney restaurants seem to only do part of their reservations through Disney. The number for Homecomin’ I found is 407-560-0100. (They are not on OpenTable.)


If all else fails, try a walk up. I did walk up, around 9 am, on a Saturday, the weekend before Christmas at Homecomin last year. I asked about wait time and they seatedc us right away.


Appreciate all the support and direction. That’s why I come here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I called Homecomin’ and they only take brunch reservations through MDE/Disney. They said the best thing to do is walk up right when they open at 9:00. We don’t land until 7:30, but we will do a walk up whatever time we get there, if necessary. I’ll just keep stalking the app and sign up for reservation finders.


I didn’t know brunch was only through MDE – that is important to know! I hope you get what you want.


I was able to get a table for 8 at 10AM, so it’s all good. :joy: At least I’m in. I will get it changed eventually …


Isn’t that just insane though?

You’re looking for a table for 2

You have a table for 8.

That’s 6 people who they can’t get through the door to make money off of

And I know you’ll update your reservation accordingly, but there’s nothing that says you have to.

Their algorithm is AFU — they are trying to maximize seats filled but they are losing paying customers as a result (except for those of us in the know who will try all the tricks and get a table eventuallY()


I just ate lunch at Homecomin today with an ADR I booked through MDE…for what it’s worth.


Did my ADRs this morning, there were a lot still available at 6:15-6:20 am. Got what we wanted, Topos, Ohana, SciFi, Ogas, Flying Fish (not stressing this trip, we will be gasp RELAXING gasp) then I get home and my beloved says “we should try space 220 lounge”… why yes dear, that would have been a great idea 12 hours ago…


How many were you searching for may I ask?

how many people or how many ADRs? Its just the 2 of us. I only booked one for 4 and plan to modify it to 2. Those were all of the ADRs we wanted + Yachtsman which isn’t a challenge, historically.


Yep, that’s what I meant. Did you get the times you wanted? BTW, were you on pc/laptop or phone? I couldn’t find anything on my Mac. Phone produced better results.

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:scream::sob::rage: Looks like I will need several devices going again!

Can you modify the number of guests online, or do you have to call?

Generally I was able to modify online.

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In my experience, I have always been able to modify online.

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I did get the times I wanted. I had every intention of getting up and utilizing my phone, laptop, and iMac. When that 5:45a alarm hit I ditched that plan. I will blame the red wine, I love the ménage-a-Trois silk red blend. So, when I woke up I decided to give it a go on the mobile app so that i didn’t have to relocate to my office, and had Topos, Ohana, sci fi and ogas before 6:05. I found it helpful to search the name of the restaurant rather than to scroll on the list. I still saw Topos, CRT, space 220 & lounge, Ohana, sci fi, etc. at ten past. Wish I had booked the lounge at space 220 in retrospect but have the reservation finder set up and will keep checking back.