December - The ADR Lottery

Please tell me why. No pre-fix? If so - good strategy.
Happy … and jealous … you were so successful. I’m drinking wine tonight. Hope it helps me in the morning. :laughing:
My strategy in order is Space, CRT, Ohana. I also have Jiko, Flying Fish and Wild Africa Trek. Not worried about those though.


We did the pre-fixe and just weren’t sold. We liked the apps and drinks and atmosphere but just didn’t think it was worth a second visit for the pre-fixe.

Our list is so laid back and I’m hoping that sets the tone for the trip. Between deluxe evening hours and MVMCP we can sleep in and enjoy the ambiance and do the parks in the evening.

You may need the wine… I posted in the chat but will share with you here as well; I opened the MDE app to see a notification that said all dining, resort and enchanting extras bookings will be suspended this evening at 11:30 with no return time. I hope that it will be resolved by 6 am for your ADRs!!!


OMG! Thanks for letting me know. (Pours another glass of wine)
I took 1/2 day off tomorrow. Hopefully it’s resolved before I have to leave for work.

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What evil are they planning???


Updating the software for price hikes. :grimacing:

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I’m sure it will be something like “ADR BOOKING NOW $15 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE”… I think I jinxed this somehow. Asked on chat last night if Tuesday is still the day with most IT issues… no issues that I could tell this AM, but can’t say the same for after 11:30 :joy::joy::joy:


Similar to “resort fees.”

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I’m looking for Homecomin’ for Dec 9 and was a day date (whoopsy) and no dice so far. I set up reservation finder but it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t work out.

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No it actually is.

Because Homecomin


I believe you! I’ve never been. I have faith in reservation finder though…like 1-2 days before something might pop up.


December - The ADR Lottery. A Live and Solo Trip Report.


That was wild, frustrating, yet mildly entertaining.
Thank goodness I took the morning off, cause I would not want to be rushing around trying to get to work by 7:30.

I had two phones ready. One with the World clock and list of desired ADR times/dates. The other logged into MDE. I was also logged into MDE on the computer. When the clock struck 6:00, I was searching for Space on the computer and CRT on the phone. I do not recommend this. It was chaos because I had to keep refreshing and keep up with the “I’m sorries.” After a few minutes I got the perfect hit on CRT. Exact date and time I wanted. Credit card was already on file, but it wants the code on the back - because CRT is an actual purchase verses credit card guarantee. I typed in what I thought was the correct code. Nope! Declined. Had to run downstairs and grab my wallet. :woman_facepalming:
Meanwhile, wasting valuable minutes to secure Space.

With CRT in the bag, I hopped over to S220 and was getting nothing. Decided to try for the alternative date I had in mind. Nothing! Then I remembered the conversation about the Lounge. It worked, but on the alternative date - and I would prefer dinner.

Next up. ‘Ohana. Again, I’d lost valuable time. And this reservation is very specific. The goal is to do an early lunch then relax in the room before the Christmas Party. I had an alternative date for this one, but it got snatched up by S220 Lounge.
You wanna know what I got? 9:30PM. :eyes: Ummmmm, no! We will be at the party at 9:30, sir.

Looks like I’ve got more modifying to do.
Speaking of which, I obsessed all day trying to get Homecomin’ brunch and finally settled on a spot for a party of eight.

I wanted to correct that one as quickly as possible. Finally, around 9:30PM I was able to make it right.

Next up, Jiko. Can’t wait to once again taste the goodness of the wild boar appetizer. Had no problem getting that one. Then Flying Fish. Easy Peasy.

Then came Wild Africa Trek. I was not worried about being able to book this. Previously, I was able to book just a few weeks out. With it being a live purchase I had to re- enter CC information. I hit the “Purchase” button and :face_with_peeking_eye:

I called the number … but they were closed. :roll_eyes:
Fortunately, they had sent me this.

What a morning?! :crazy_face:


I’m planning my ADR day like a military operation. I’ve never been this obsessed before, but that’s because I’m going with other people and I want them to have the best time.

Do normal people go through all this?


6:00 am is the official time for ADRs…but I keep seeing reports (including on DFBGuide) that booking ACTUALLY opens up at 5:45 am. So…have people tried using 5:45 am (or shortly thereafter) to get ahead of the 6:00 am crowd?

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Those safety nets are important but I have had them cause trouble before too. Especially around final payment.

I have never not once seen this happen. And I do a lot of ADRs

I try every time. But until its 6:00 and some seconds I get nada

Interesting. I wonder why DFBGuide keeps reporting 5:45. I watched a video in the past couple weeks where they reiterated it again.

(Okay… truthfully, DFBGuide has been known to just be flat out wrong about things they report, but since they have said this one repeatedly, I thought maybe it was actually true!)

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Hey I’m fool enough to try it every time so :laughing:

I’m just reporting that in all the ADR days I’ve done I’ve never had it open early for me.

I wonder if there’s something about their accounts that might get them in earlier…

Something else I wanted to share for those with trips on December. Several restaurants had closed days on the calendar.

Yes. And it worked. For example, when the very first reservations became available for S220. I was frantically clicking from about 5.30am. I eventually got a reservation at about 5.35am.

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Lots of restaurants are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and have been. I don’t believe this is unique to December. One that comes to mind is Flying Fish for example.

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