December 2017 Memory Maker Share - Group *CLOSED*

Hi everyone! Late to the game, but I thought I’d ask on the off-chance that anyone would still not have a group and be interested in a MM share. Our trip dates are 12/9-12/14. Pls lmk. Thanks!!

I’m interested! I’ll be there December 7-14 so we’d have to do lots of sorting through photos :roll_eyes:

I am also interested. My DH and I are there December 13 - 15.

I would prefer to share with 2-3 families only to simplify picture sorting. Is that OK? (Changed #)

Yes, I am good with 3-4 unless someone else hops on but has different dates that don’t overlap ours and still fall within the 30 days.

Sorry, didn’t see the change. I think 2-3 with same dates is good. If another Liner would like to join who doesn’t have overlapping dates, would that work for you? I’d be ok with it - not that anyone else is asking yet! :wink:

One more family with close dates to our trip works for me if we have another taker. I am also fine with the 3 of us if that is how it shakes out.

I’m fine with either. I’ve never done MM before (haven’t been to disney in over a decade!) so I’m not entirely sure how all the details work. I assume one of you more experienced folk will set up the account? :slight_smile:

I have never done it either. I will try to find out some info.

I found a tutorial earlier, I’ll see if I can find it again. I think it had pretty good detail.

I was in a share this year although I didn’t coordinate.

Do you mind reviewing the details off line? I have a generally idea what we need to do. Linking all of our family bands together as friends via a secondary account works well. Just need to make sure we have all family members that will scan bands for photo. My DH’s band didn’t link to the memory maker and I needed to call Disney. We used PayPal to share the cost with our coordinator.

I wasn’t sure I was going to have pictures for this December trip but am glad to have some Liners to do it with!

I’m December 21-27, so we wouldn’t overlap pictures at all. Can I play? :slight_smile: Will not take it personally if you’d rather keep it smaller.

Hi timwarp! When do you think you would be finished reviewing and disney styling your pictures? I am happy to have you as our last person if it is OK with cfranz22 and shoxie.

I don’t need my photos right away and would be willing to wait to run our first download after you are finished. It will keep the zips “cleaner”. With it being the holidays, I can understand that someone may want some images earlier. It becomes confusing for me if there is more than one set of zips. Interested in the groups thoughts on this.

a) Last day to order MM (B-3 day) - 12/4
b) First park day - 12/7
c) Last park day - 12/27
d) 1st photo expires - (B+45 days) 1/20
e) Date of 1st download - prefer one person run zips for everyone to copy (Between c & d)
f) Confirm you have all your pictures (check your downloads)
g) Final download before 1/20

I am willing to make a master copy of all initial zips and hold it for a month in case anyone accidentally deletes one of their favorite shots.

What say you Liner Share group?

I’m okay with this! My first day in the parks will actually be 12/8.

How do downloads work? Is it possible to download just one picture at a time on our phones to share while we’re still in the parks? Or do we have to get a zip of them all at once?

I don’t mind waiting to download them all until after we’re all back but it would be nice to share a few before then. Can we screenshot them on our phones for sharing or will they have a watermark until downloaded?

We don’t have to zip them all at once. The downloads just stay cleaner that way. Disney zips the images up into groups. I don’t have any experience with it another way.

The pictures will have a watermark on it until the memory maker is activated with the first download. Perhaps another liner will give us some feedback. The first time I had a memory maker, I became very confused with single and larger group downloads because I had a variety of zips and didn’t know what was in the zip until I opened it. That caused me to have a lot of dupes.

I’m good with timwarp joining! And I’m honestly good with whatever you decide as far as downloads/zips, etc. as I’ve got no experience with a MM share. Watergirl, thanks so much for laying out the timeline so nicely!

Ah okay, I’m reading other posts about how every time someone hits download it creates new zip files, so I’m getting an idea of how it could quickly become overwhelmingly confusing. I did read one suggestion for the first person in the parks to download one individual picture to “activate” the memory maker to remove the watermark so people could screenshot pictures for sharing until everyone is back to download them. Any idea if this would work without causing issues? If not, I’ll be patient and wait for pictures. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your info/explanations!

After more reading I’m realizing that would cut down our download window to 30 days from December 8th (instead of 45). So never mind on the single download idea :blush:

Hi, new to the game here, but we are going Dec 2-11 and I am interested in joining a share group if you still have spots available. I am happy to just do a small share if there are too many/available interest.

Honestly, I don’t spend time with borders and such - if I can just check that the photos are all there, I’m good with a download whenever you want. But if someone wants their pictures before Christmas, then I should look for an after-Christmas share. Watergirl, it sounds like you’ve got this all figured out!