Davids DVC told me I cant book FPP with split stay?

This morning I was talking to someone at David’s and she told me I cannot book fpp in one chunk with a split stay, have things changed? I just want to make sure of this before I book my dvc.

That is not true. Why would they say that?

I have no clue, so bizarre, because I just went to Disney less than a month ago, and my friend did a split stay and did the usual FPP booking. I just wanted to check on the forum too to make sure there wasn’t any new info.

I hope it’s not true, but I had a WDW CM tell me the same thing last week. Is this possibly the “fix” for folks who book throwaway rooms? If so, BAD fix

I heard they were just going to cancel your fpp, if you cancel your room. that should be the fix.


I just asked my DVC rental store person as well as the WDW moms panel. Hopefully CM and your source is wrong

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I think the official answer has always been that it is not one window but if they shut it down there will be major issues with DVC owners .

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I am a DVC owner and have an upcoming split stay between poly and BLT. I was able to book all my fast passes for my entire trip this am.


yay. thanks

yay awesome to know! I was so worried that I finally decide to try split stay and the benefit is gone.

Good luck with that…


well I saw on moms panel from march of last year that it was no problem booking all fastpasses 60 days out from first stay of a split stay; thought I’d ask if something changed

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Well nothing has. But the Mom’s Panel may or may not or know.

I saw the same question asked by two different people within 2days of each other. And the answers were 100% opposing.

The point is that none of their answers are vetted. So it totally depends on how much they actually know, and who they ask. They of course can ask the CMs, and all liners know how wrong they can be sometimes!

And my experience on another board (specifically), is that sometimes people who have been going for years and years are still stuck in the ways of FP+ when it was first introduced. When in fact there were major changes to how it works in the summer of 2016.

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I wonder if they were mistaken with ADR at 180 days. This is impacted by a split stay; FP are not.

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Are you saying that one cannot book ADRs for an entire trip on day 180 if doing split stay?

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Yes that’s right, it’s 2 separate 180 days. Although I have read that if it’s DVC your stays can be linked so you can do them all.

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You don’t have to link them.

If you are a member, then Member Services can book them for you for the second part of the stay. All they do, apparently, is over-ride the first reservation to extend it temporarily for the entire time, in order to book the ADRs you want.

It won’t work for renters though because they cannot contact Member Services.


What ended up happening on this one? I’ve read some conflicting information and I’d like to know if it is only ADRs. Planning a trip in January 2021 and about to put in my DVC request. Probably won’t bother with the split stay if it means I can’t get good FPs because it will be treated like two trips. The split stay was mostly to have convenient location (i.e. one MK resort and one Epcot).

As of right now you can book FPs for both stays as long as there is not a gap. Actually, it could be three or four resorts and you are fine.