DAS Changes and Impact to LL's

So, Disney just announced changes to the DAS program basically limiting how many folks (and who) could enter under a DAS as well as making folks get screen before hand rather than on-site. I just read a tweet on X that it is estimated that 60% of all LL’s granted are DAS’s. So if this is true, it would help me understand why, LL’s are so hard to get at times. I remember a time around 2014 when there was a change like this. It was before current times but I could remember standing in a queue and seeing families of 12-14 with an older person in a rented wheel chair rolling through the shorter queue and everybody boarding within 5 minutes. Disney put an end to that.
So, my question is, does this more signal that Disney suspects some fraud in the DAS? - that this is how people are gaming the systems to get shorter rides at no additional costs? Or, is it Disney being greedy?
I have an autistic niece and so I understand what it is like raise a child with that disability. It is no picnic and I am totally agreeable with allowing those families easier access due to the challenges they face every day. However, I find this move curious and was wondering everybody else’s thoughts.

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Hi, there is another discussion that was started earlier in the day here.