Dance-off, bro: A Distracting Little Live-ish Trip Report

It looks like all systems are go and the countdown clock continues ticking, so I guess it’s time to start this thing up!

DH and I are heading to the World tonight, just the two of us!! This trip was supposed to be a 4nt, 5-day trip but Disney math meant it grew by 2nts and resulted in a 3-way split. Go on, someone say it. If you don’t, I’ll be disappointed. I welcome lots of inappropriate humor, TWSS, vulgar language, and all the that stuff. Anyway, as much as I’m a little nervous about all this moving around (we’ve only ever split between two places on a much longer trip!) I’m crazy excited to experience three places we’ve never yet gotten to stay!

We’ll be at CCV tonight with plans to chill at the WL tomorrow until MNSSHP. I do plan to do the tour that I hear is still running at 9 am each day, and to find out if they have the scavenger hunt at this time too. I might visit the Welcome Center for DVC because I think it’s a cabin and I’d love to tour one! We also plan to enjoy the pool a bit, and then have a late lunch at Geyser before the party!

After the party, we’ll head on over to our new digs at RR. We’ll be there Sunday and Monday night and (SCORE!) finally get to have dinner at Topolino’s. I’m wicked excited for that! We’ll be at EP Monday with plans to take in a lot of F&W in the earlier afternoon hours. We hope to ride GOTG three times (ILL$, VQ, VQ for Deluxe Guests). I hope I like it and it doesn’t make me sick!

We’ll hit up HS on Tuesday for the afternoon and evening, taking the morning to enjoy the resort as much as we can! We have lunch at Sci Fi and a post-close Oga’s. We expect to spend most of our time this day at SWGE; we want to do the bounty hunter and get in two rides on ROTR (ILL$ and just before park close SB). I hope we see some characters wandering around there too. Oh - we’re bringing our sabers for some pics after the sun sets!


On Tuesday night we’ll move on over to BWV. We have a garden view room reserved but I’m praying so hard for an upgrade to Boardwalk view. I’ve checked the site multiple times every single day to make the move officially, but nothing is open. So I’m not particularly hopeful, but it would be such an awesome thing if it happens.

Wednesday is the 21st night of September. So GOTG better give me that song! We hope to ride two more times this day (VQ and ILL$). We’ll eat a bunch at F&W in the earlier part of the afternoon, and spend the later afternoon at the resort before our 5pm dinner at Trattoria al Forno. In the evening we’ll be back inside the park. Watch this day closely for a potential Liner Meet!


Thursday we have plans at HS all day, hitting up Ronto Roasters, HBD Lounge, and Baseline for our sustenance and after park close we have a late night B&C for sundaes :drooling_face: This day also has potential for a Liner Meet, so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:


Friday we’ll laze about in the morning and then head to DS. We enjoy spending our last hours there, and will be there until it’s time to head to the airport to fly home. Lunch at (you guessed it!) Homecomin, and cookie harvesting at Gideon’s :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for coming along with us virtually through this thread. As mentioned above, please engage fully and in all the ways. I hope to take you out of real life for a few minutes here and there each day and show you the magic we’ll find over the next week!


I mean this, of course, in the kindest, most loving of ways. I only call you a turd blossom if I really, really like you. :wink:

(re: pics - none of these are mine - I totally stole them off the internet. :woman_shrugging:t3: )




Thank you.

You may stay.


We must’ve had a garden view at BWV. It was right by a stairwell. I could be on the Boardwalk in less than 5 minutes. I went to the Screen Door for ice cream one evening and was gone less than 10 min.

Based on room only, I’d go with OKW. I love lots about SSR. But BWV has so much going for it. We were there 7 days with a 4 day park ticket. Best. Trip. Ever.

I’m not going to waste time wishing y’all a good trip cuz I know you’ll make it happen. :sunglasses:


Have the greatest trip ever! Is this your first sans kids couple trip?


Woo! Sounds awesome!

Enjoy your 3-way! Be sure to look into FastAss when you’re short on time!


Looking forward to see how things go with getting your luggage moved around three times. Or, will you guys have a car and will tote on your own? What do your kids think of your grown up only trip? Are they jealous?


I wish I had time to follow along, but sadly, there’s not much chance of that. I hope you have an amazing trip!!!



We went to DLR last November for our 20th anniversary!

And have had a few other trips without them too


Right now we are at the mercy of bell services. I’ve never had a problem though.

The kids I’m sure are a bit jealous. But they are fine about it. We normalized doing things without them a long long time ago. It’s important for us to be a couple sometimes and for them to see that.


Yes, an @OBNurseNH trip report!


I’m so happy you’re starting your trip and doing a trip report. I’m going to need it to get through this next week at work!


Disney math is the best. Sounds like you have a great trip planned. I’m so happy you are going to Topolino’s. They make a lovely French Rose there.
Are we making guesses who the liner meet is with?


That is top of my list

You certainly can, but I won’t be saying if you’re correct or not


Yay!! :tada::tada::tada: Safe travels!!


I am green with envy. I have tried many times over the last several months.

Have a blast!

And no one likes a bragger. Stop pointing out your own three-ways.


I believe this will be my first.


You didn’t like me in April?


Always. But parenting had my attention directed elsewhere.


I’ll allow it.