DAH - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Leaving in 16 days and I can’t get MK DAH off my mind. Every time I decide, “No, I’m not going to it” . . . I start to think, but maybe . . .

So here’s my scenario and I would love any and all advice (for context, this is a 5 day, 4 night trip at the end of May. I have AP and will visit all parks with TP):

The point and purpose of this trip was two fold: first time to see the Flower and Garden festival and first time going solo. Initially, my plan was to do this trip on the cheaper side so I booked POP and all was well. BUT, there was a super-duper AP discount on a BC club-level room and I couldn’t resist such a good deal. I booked one night (my last night) at the BC club-level. So then my point and purpose added another wrinkle and it became three-fold: first time solo, first time F&G, and first time staying club level. YAY! Then Disney went and added the DAH dates, creating a new dilemma (I know, life is really rough some times).

The dilemma for me lies in the fact of the DAH MK lands on my last night, which is my night at the BC. I justified spending the extra money on this one night at BC because it was discounted and I told myself that I would take it easy, spend time at the resort and really get my money’s worth. If I add on DAH to that night, then I would be spending less time at the resort and spending $95 more dollars. BUT I’d get to experience DAH and be at MK late at night with low crowds, which I love. Sooo, should I stay at BC or should I go to DAH? What would you do?

I would spend the afternoon at BC, go to the lounge first for snacks and then night time offering. I would then wait for the desserts to be put out, grab one for my room- to have when I get back later- then go to DAH.


You’re reading my mind. That’s the plan I started working on, which prompted the post. Do you think I’ll get my money’s worth out of DAH if I just do the 10-1 official DAH time frame?

I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m a bad influence. My answer is always: do the paid extra. I’ve never regretted it. Make the most of every second at WDW. They’re precious and they’re limited in number.

And you could be dead a week after you come back.


Ha! Yes, this how I justify all of my indulgences.


Traveling solo seems like the best time to do a paid add-on. One ticket vs tickets for a whole family is easier to justify for me.


Absolutely! I think you can get there by 9. I believe the desserts will be out by 8? Maybe earlier?

Good point - thanks!

Ok - thanks! you may have just helped me make up my mind :sunglasses:

I just checked-8pm desserts!


yes, go! mk dah is the best. even while there, all i kept thinking about was being able to do it again sometime. it was lovely!

Thanks!! I think I’m gonna do it! :grin:

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All right - I did it - I am going to MK DAH. BUT now I am wondering, should I make a TP or is it ok to wing it since I will be solo and crowds will be (better be!) low? What have you done in the past? Plan or no plan?


I winged it and have a blast! I did whatever I wanted and if I told you what I did you would think I lost my mind- but it was so much fun!


Was going to chime in, but I’m a bit late cause I missed this thread, but you went with what I was going to say. I found the MK DAH (when all rides are working) to be an exceptionally worthy expenditure. Being able to ride all rides as just Walk-Ons was fantastic.

You can totally wing it, but I’m actually going to say have a slight plan. As everything is completely walk on, having a strategy in play will make sure you will hit all your rides and not just lose yourself in riding 7DMT over and over again (which you can do to.)


Unless you just sat there in the park doing nothing, I doubt it (which I did see people do. Blew. My. Mind.)

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hahaha! Now, I want to know what you did :grin:

What was your ice cream strategy? Did you find it easy to locate snack carts?

…don’t judge. :wink:

lol I actually was so busy with rides in MK I think I only got one or two ice creams. However, I did have to plan around Splash Mountain a bit because it takes so much time to get through the ride. 7DMT has a LONNNNNNG queue line which they didn’t truncate so it took some time to get through that as well (it’s a good thing they didn’t either because it was the maze that let the ride continue to be walk on).

derp, but to answer your question:

yeah. They seemed easier on this go around. The one with the sandwiches (:smile:) was by HM, so that’s the easiest one to find.

Haha! No judgment from me - ice cream is one of my primary food groups, along with pizza and wine :yum: