Current Status of Straws


Thanks everyone for the info and I will apologize for my lack of response. I received a call of a death in my immediate family so I have to switch gears and deal with life.


Satu’li was the diciest experience for me. because I had to have a tray, a full drink in a cup that certainly wasn’t the poster-child for stability, and had to navigate through a crowd and darting children.


I’m so sorry!


holy cow, I’m so sorry!! :broken_heart:


This is what they had at Y&Y for kids drinks. This one is actually from T-Rex, but Y&Y had the same cups with different pictures. I’m wondering if these will go away also. Very spill resistant for little kids.


I would like to know how 2-3 straws compares to one plastic straw in terms of environmental impact. I don’t mean to go from one end of the alimentary tract to the other in an abrupt & rude manner, but this reminds me a bit of low-flow potties. Everybody just flushes more to compensate.


Me, too @AltaD. So sorry, and please come back when you can. sometimes it’s good to have distractions.


well from an environmental standpoint, I imagine it’s still leaps and bounds because of how fast they break down (as opposed to the 10,000 years that plastic straws take), but from a financial, I imagine it’s worse.


This type of thinking is not allowed. You can’t consider the total impact of a product.

Paper is better than plastic. Kind of like how electric cars are zero emission and you’re not allowed to discuss the emissions due to electricity production (unless you happen to charge with your own personal wind turbine or solar panels) or any added impact from making the batteries. This is a one variable world and all must do as they’re told.


I can confirm this.

I have purchased metal straws, though @ryan1 has me worried that I’ll trip and impale myself. @Randall1028 recommends taking two paper straws.

But no lids is nuts.

I’m totally onboard with single-use plastic being undesirable. But we need to come up with workable replacements. And fast.


Would you consider eating your frappucino with a spoon?




No, I mean the production & transportation of the straws. That’s something that is often not accounted for. If it takes three times as many trucks to drive the straws to Disney because people use more straws, I’m not sure if it nets out the way we hope it will. Lots of unintended consequences.


This thread has made me realize that I have never even tried drinking thick drinks without a straw. Anybody done it? Do you get milkshake in your eye?


You know, I strongly believe they’re coevolutionary. One would probably die off without the other. Anyone ever look up the history of straws/and or milkshakes?


Refrigeration and ice production produces too much pollution. All beverages should be consumed at room temperature. Then we don’t have the frappucino/ milkshake problem.


So get this- the original manufactured straw was made for mint juleps so it didn’t muck up the taste of the drink the way rye straws did! Now that’s an invention I can get behind. Who wants rye mixed in with your good bourbon?

But yeah, the commercial plastic straw was pretty much marketed by Woolworth, which had the soda fountains & milkshakes. So there you go. But no one is taking my milkshake. They’ll have to pry it from my (very) cold, dead hands.


Damned right.


Well, with metal straws your hands will definitely be cold. And after you fall and impale yourself trying to walk while drinking your frappucino…well, that’s it.


We get a… plastic spoon to eat our milkshakes like ice cream until they are melted enough to sip through a straw or drink out of the cup.