Current Status of Straws

I know this has been discussed on a few threads lately but I am wondering what is currently going on with straws and lids in the parks? Are they gone? Available in some locations, not others? We go on our trip in a month and I’m trying to decide what I need/don’t need to throw in my park bag for my kids who are prone to spilling everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect no lids or straws. Availability seems limited and unreliable. Prepare yourself.

I’m all for conservation (environmental and financial) but this is a very bad idea Disney!

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AK is the only park that doesn’t do lids as far as I know? I honestly didn’t get many “walk around” drinks in the other parks, but the ones I did get all had lids.

Expect paper straws otherwise. They’re not bad, but they do deteriorate quickly. A drink with a lot of ice, or needs a lot of stirring, will likely need 2-3 straws to compensate.

I always thought this was the case, and maybe it is different now than last September, but Yak & Yeti had plastic kids cups with lids and straws. That was the only time i ate TS at AK, so maybe TS is/was different.

I know that’s not a recent experience, but they had lids sand straws when i didn’t think anywhere in the park allowed them

Yeah, not really sure. I do know that Satu’li didn’t have any lids and neither did one of the stands (i can’t remember the name off the top of my head) that I stopped at.

It’s possible they have a supply of lids and straws that they are allowed to continue to go through and once they’re out, they’re out.

I read on chat only a couple of days ago that Backlot didn’t automatically give lids but had them when requested.

I want to follow along on this… I’m not real crazy about this change. I get it, but at the same time, when going in the summer, I like to get a drink (and refill where available) to take with me, especially having a stroller with a cupholder. Not having a lid doesn’t work very well for that. I guess we need to plan on taking a cup to transfer a drink into.

They really should be doing refillable mugs like at the resort if this is really an environmentally driven thing they’re doing and not just about the money… just my 2 cents.


I agree, I’m not thrilled about paper straws but I can live with it. But no lid? I won’t take 2 steps without spilling it, and that’s me, never mind my kid :joy:


Does anyone else see this as the path towards an in park unlimited refill cup?


They are definitely not giving plastic straws or lids. They give paper straws which are flimsy so we ended up using 2. I brought my own cups for my kids and transferred their drink.
2 weeks ago Goofy’s Candy Company still had kids and plastic straws for the slushees. Not sure if that’s temporary. We joked that we need to horde straws - and we did slip a few in our backpack to keep for the rest of our trip.

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I agree. A refillable mug in the parks seems sensible.


Only if that means self-serve so they can cut back on CMs at QS restaurants.

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Now that I would pay for…

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they already have this. I Just fill my popcorn bucket at the self serve stations

I hope so… they’re well behind the times in this regard when compared to other parks.

No straws and lids started before or during my trip last fall. It first impacted me at epcot.

This is not just AK and is not just a paper straw thing.

We still saw the occasional plastic straw in the parks last week and the week before. Most of them were paper though, much to DH’s dismay. Apparently Starbucks Frappucinos are not kind on paper straws.

Milkshakes aren’t either.

There will be lots of very messy strollers! These were my thoughts as well.

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We stayed at AKL on our last trip and I was cursing myself all week for not bringing our own reusable straws because we all hated the papers ones.