Current same day FP drops

Man, what a gut punch seeing this thread unpinned!


Thanks @PrincipalTinker, I thought I had unpinned it but obviously not!

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So, I don’t know if it is a me thing…but when I open this on my phone I can never see the unread and new posts, unless I first click into another post. This was the pinned post I always went into, because I was always at the bottom on this one. :cry::cry: So, I will shed two tears.

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That is really weird.

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Do you have your view sorted by “latest”?

It isn’t every time, just a lot of the time, I think it must be a cache thing on my phone. :woman_shrugging:


I often can’t see new (especially in LaCava) but generally when I open my phone I can see how many new or unread posts there are if I look at the hamburger menu next to my avatar.

On our last trip 2 years ago, I think the thing I impressed my family with the most was when I picked up FOP fast passes for the 4 of us at the 5:01pm FP drop. They thought I was some sort of Disney svengali or something. All thanks to this thread. Thanks for the memories!


Friends. I’ve been bored at work at today looked at two former times posted on this thread and saw park drops for genie + at the same times of Epcot 3:31 and for Ak 3:01. Now I know Genie + has different rules but I think the drop times may be a thing still. Will be checking the next few days to verify.

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Thanks for checking! You can share posts regarding drop times on this thread:


I am going to close this thread. I think @bebe80’s link to @Jeff_AZ’s thread and info is a great place to end.

If anyone thinks this thread should remain, PM me and I will open it.