Current Orbitz Promo Codes [Updated 05/11/15]

Thanks for the tip - I have updated the list accordingly. I’m not sure if it covers any different hotels than REVIEW15, but it is always good to have several codes available.

I think the hotels are the same too, but I was able to use this on through ebates to get cash back. Review15 is not one of the codes that will work through them.
Thanks for keeping this updated!! I have used orbitz to book rooms for 3 trips now!

Good to know about the ebates thing - I haven’t researched it, so I don’t know how it works.

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Bump for @VanellopeVonDoom :grinning:

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Updated to add TRAVELHAPPY

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Travelhappy doesn’t seem to work on the Disney hotels on the app. It will work for other hotels but not Disney. Maybe I’m booking too far in advance?

No, it doesn’t work for WDW hotels, just UOR.

Thanks @brklinck! I missed that part of the thread :slight_smile:

I used REVIEW15 and booked AoA standard room 8 nights for $900. SO EXCITED and thankful for this post. Been wanting to stay at AoA the last two trips and finally found this great deal! :smile:

Updated to add GIFTME

Updates to some code terms

Seems like I’ve read about people stacking Orbitz codes. Is that possible? If so, how is it done. I can’t get it to allow me to put in additional codes. Thanks!

No, you can’t stack Orbitz discount codes. When people talk about stacking them, what they mean is that the Orbitz discount is stacked on top of the current WDW discount.

Updated to add 48HRSALE and delete expired promos

Has anyone found any that are working for July yet?

I have seen no promotions beyond end of June. No idea as to when they will extend the expiration of some of the current “standard” promotions like HOTEL10, which tend to operate on a rolling basis.

Updated to add GETHAPPY and delete expired codes.

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Updated to delete expired codes.

Updated to add TRAVELHAPPY

You can try booking a car rental (which can be cancelled). I booked a car rental through Orbitz earlier this week, for November, and received an e-mail for 15% off hotels through December. I tried it an it worked for Disney hotels!