Current Orbitz Promo Codes [Updated 05/11/15]

Pardon my ignorance. If I already booked a room online that WDW vacations, what can I do to get this deal? Also, am I able to link an orbitz room reservation with other folks who did not book through orbitz? (so that we can book FPP+ and use memory maker and get rooms near each other, etc)

If you have already booked through WDW Reservations, then you would have to book a new reservation through Orbitz using the promo code (which stacks on top of any current WDW offer), and then cancel the first reservation.

You can link Orbitz reservations to your MDE account, which will allow you all the privileges of a WDW Resort guest. In order to book FPP you will also have to have tickets linked to your account.

Also, if your reservation includes kids under 18, DO NOT include them when initially booking through Orbitz, or else you will be charged extra for them. After making the reservation, call Orbitz customer service and have them contact WDW to add the kids to it, which will cost you nothing.

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Just got new one this morning. 20% with promo code: OUTTAHERE. Book by 10/16 for travel through 3/31. I checked and it seems to be working for Disney hotels. Love the 20% off ones.

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Thanks, @Belle04!!

Thanks @Belle04 - I have added that one to the list. Actually, OUTTAHERE seems familiar - I think that it is one that they offer on a regular basis, so it is good to try just to see what happens.

Thanks @Belle I just changed my reservation to Orbitz and was able to upgrade to moderate for 2 days and still saved $100! I love a great sale.

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thanks for the update!
Wish some discounts would come out for June, I must be in the next round surely if these expire in March. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the tip!!! Just switched our late March Yacht club RO and stacked the 20 onto the 30 off! Saved well over 2 grand!

I dont get how this works with the WDW room offers… Example… I see Poly for $424 a night on the WDW site with the Fl Resident Late Fall Offer. On Orbitz with the OUTTAHERE code and the hotel is promo code able… it shows $452 a night for the same room. Where do you add in the WDW room offer?

The Orbitz base rates are the nationally available discounted rates - I don’t think that they can do the special rates, like FL resident or AP holder.

Did you put the promo code in yet? When we booked it showed YC and “promo available” but the discount did not come off until we selected and entered the code.

I was able to re-book the Beach Club using Outtahere today (gave me 20% stacked on WDW promo). I did this step online. After booking, I cancelled my previous reservation that I made last week using Review15. I did this step by phone. Saved another $40! @MDU, not sure if you booked on 10/9, but you may want to re-book with new promo code, Outtahere for 20%. I remember telling you I’d let you know if I heard about a better offer.

Thank you! No, I hadn’t booked anything yet. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll likely book 2 seperate trips with the discount.

Removed 20% discount that is no longer valid and updated the dates for current discounts - they are all now good for stays through June 30, 2015.

I just remembered Orbitz. Will definitely use REVIEW15 for my reservation in Feb for Princess Half. Comes down to 700$ with my Orbucks as well!!! Thanks! I have that the site says that OUTTAHERE is valid until Nov. 2, but all WDW hotels come up with non promotion eligible. UGH!

What if you book through Orbitz, but then an RO discount is released? Will Orbitz auto-update to include and refund you the difference?

No. You would have to re-book and then cancel your original reservation.

Dang :frowning:

Updated info about recurring OUTTAHERE 20% discount.

I just used the code BESTVACAY for 15% off along with the spring discount. I got Pop for $82/night in early March.