CSR Tower "Deluxe Suite" - Club Access Question

Is a “Deluxe” Tower Suite at CSR the same as the “Executive” Suite? When I click on the Deluxe Suite photos, it brings up “Executive” Suite photos. Are these one and the same? I am primarily interested in whether there is a separate bedroom? Also, if it says “Tower”, that means Gran Destino Tower (newer rooms), right?

Here is the room layout for the Executive Suite:

Here is a walkthrough of this category of rooms:

And here is a walkthrough of the GDT deluxe suite:


Thanks so much! I went on the WDW website under the PH offer for my dates of 5/8 - 5/15. The Tower - Deluxe Suite - Club Access came up. When you click on “View Photos” it is labeled “Executive Suite”, so I was confused. It looks really nice in the video!
Have you stayed here? Did you like it? We usually stay in a 1 BR villa with a kitchen and a washer/dryer. But with club access, I could live without a kitchen. Do you know if there are laundry facilities in the Tower? (I can probably find that out.) I am also concerned about having only bus transportation, but with the money we would save, I could use Lyft everywhere, if need be. Would you say this is as nice as a 1 BR Villa?

I’ve stayed at GDT and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it, but it was a regular hotel room.

The entire tower is a work of art, for starters.

It feels plush and elegant and very much deluxe

I love the view across the water - at night you can just barely see Contemporary and the Castle (you can see them glowing, more than anything). When I stayed fireworks had not yet returned but you’d totally be able to see them off in the distance from a water view room in the tower.

I love the Barcelona Lounge and the Dahlia Lounge! I went to Sangria University at Three Bridges which was absolutely wonderful! I have not had the good fortune to dine at Toledo as it was not yet reopened when I stayed there.

I first set foot in the tower just for a look-see in January 2020 before the world stopped turning. And I fell instantly in love.

There is a laundry room but I am shocked to say I didn’t go looking for it.

The only drawback here is that you’re bound to buses unless you have your own vehicle or are willing to take uber/lyft. It was not a problem for me at all. But if proximity to a park is important this would not be the resort for you. If they can somehow connect this to Skyliner one day it will be Game Over.

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I have stayed in the deluxe room (it was a surprise upgarde) and we LOVED it. I am a big fan of the Gran Destino Tower in general and club level deluxe room was one of my favorite I’ve ever had at Disney.

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From watching both of the videos, I think the room that is available under the PH offer is the Deluxe one in the tower, and the “Executive Suite” label on the room photos is a misnomer?

Honestly not sure. They are clearly very different rooms and the Executive Suite is listed in a lot of blog posts and such as available in the casitas whereas the Deluxe Suite is available in the GDT.

Probably Disney being lazy?

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Do you happen to know if there are laundry facilities in the Tower? When I look on the WDW website, it looks like there are none actually in the Tower, which is surprising. (Or maybe I am weird :laughing:.)

There is.

I just saw it somewhere recently.

Give me some time and I’ll find it for you.

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Well wouldja look at that:

It’s not the place I was thinking I saw it, but this is better since it came from here :smiley:

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Thanks so much!

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Did you find the bus service to be really poor?

I actually found the bus service to be rather good.

In the mornings for rope drop the tower had its own bus. Not sure if that was an anomaly I stumbled on both mornings but it was my experience nonetheless. The ride back through the resort on return was not bad at all either.

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I agree, never had an issue with bus service

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