Crystal Palace, Happily Ever After, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train logistics

Saturday August 24th we’ll have an evening in MK with these FPPs
5:50-6:50pm Meet Mickey & Minnie at Town Square Theater
6:50-7:50pm Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
8:50-9:50pm Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I have an ADR for us at The Crystal Palace for 7:40pm though am hoping to bump it 10-20 minutes earlier – the relaxed walking speed touring plan has us arriving by 7:30 if we ride BTMRR just after 7. We want to watch HEA at 9 pm, and I was thinking it made sense to watch it near CP, as @Dreamer described here: Enough time for MK Fireworks

But after HEA is over, how crazy will it be getting to Fantasyland for our 7DMT fast pass? Are there any routes that might feel less like swimming upstream in the post-HEA crowd?

Looking at the map, it seems like if we waited 5-10 minutes and then went towards Liberty Square that might be easier than trying to cut across the hub.

We watched HEA just the other night in front of CP again—walked up four minutes before they started. Getting to FL is not going to be easy after the fireworks. Your best bet is either to just wait for the crowds to clear or to take the bridge to the left of CP and then head toward Liberty Square.