Crowded but fun?

We are going the second week of May. This seemed a good idea since that’s usually a lower crowd time. But it’s lookin to me like everyone’s getting their vaccines and their stimulus and May is going to be just as busy as March/April.
So I’m trying to reset my expectations.
Those who have been during the recent busy times, you were still able to have a great time, right? It wasn’t so crowded and wait-time-heavy that you were miserable?

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This is my worry as well. Trip is May 8 - 15.

9-14 for us. Hope we both have some good luck!

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Last week was super crowded. We watched the wait times and were flexible. Mask :mask: compliance was the best I’ve ever seen except at DS. I think you can have a great time just be prepared to take care of yourself in the crowds however it works for you.


While I have over a year to wait, I’m trying to recall the summer of 2003 when the Stones played Toronto after SARS and it seemed like everyone around me was going and ecstatic about it.
Just trying to get my mind in that Mardi Gras / street party / festival kind of mood where being in the crowd experiencing something along with a mass of happy humanity is like a celebration and an event…
…okay, I’m only partially convinced. But hey I’ve got a year…

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14th to the 25th for us.

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I’m not opposed to crowds on the whole. Just worried about terrible waits for everything.


We just didn’t do anything we didn’t want to wait for. Everything was flexing wait times so you can watch and jump to something w/ a short line and go back later for other things. RD anything you really really want to do. And as far as food, we got really lucky w/ short lines b/c we ate at off times. MO your lunch or dinner first thing in the morning too. Or you can MO at a resort and leave a park for a crowd break, we did that too.

We’re headed there the 8th-15th and I’m banking on most schools not being let out yet. I know some parents have been flexible with the “remote” school or hybrid learning going on now, but with the dates that close to the end of the actual school year (and I’ve actually heard many states moving to fully in person over the last few weeks), I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll actually see lesser crowds that particular week.


Yep that was my logic too but I suddenly feel much less convinced lol.

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We’re there May 12-24 so right there with you! I love the perspective of celebratory, festival mood. :tada:

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Exactly how I feel :anguished:

School is still in session. I wouldn’t worry about crowds.

I’m booked for May 15-22. I hope it is not too busy. I hope schools being still in session will keep it low. I went in December and it was busy in the afternoons but it wasn’t too bad up until around 2.

We were there last week. It was busy - there were a few times when I was just completely people-d out. I was tired of lines for everything. BUT, we got everything done that we wanted, with not-horrible waits. I’d have to go back and look, but longest was probably 40-ish minutes. That was for rides that we’d done before but the kids wanted to wait for them again. (Think FOP, MFSR) I was surprised, too, that waiting in a line, now, is different than pre-covid. There is space to move around since everyone is distanced. The lines move fairly steadily so there’s always something to look at. It really wasn’t bad at all!

The best advice I have is to RD (an hour early), take a break for lunch and afternoon, and go back in the evening. Morning and evenings were great, really. I always tried to mobile-order about an hour ahead of time, then ride one or two more rides. There were only a couple of times that MO wasn’t available for “NOW”.

Honestly, the thing that was the most frustrating for me was a wait to get into Stormalong Bay. And when we actually waited, it was like 10 minutes.


I wouldn’t expect much of an uptick in crowds. You are talking just 6 weeks away for a vacation that requires planning and money. 6 weeks isn’t adequate enough to plan properly, and unlikely that most will be willing to shell out the kind of money required for a Disney vacation without saving up a little. Keep an eye on the crowd calendar for your dates to see if there are any predicted changes.

We are also May 9-16 and I have been looking everyday as the park passes fill up for HS that week. I am not sure how much of a sign that is. It has me 2nd guessing a lot of my park day choices, but I am committed now especially with ADRs.

Hoping for the best and utilizing good strategy. Oddly though, it still shows HS being a 1 on the days where the park passes are filled up for resort guests.

Same for our week, May 8-15 :weary:

Dont’ forget that even if you can’t get a park res for HS you can hop to it. I know that means you can’t get a BG for RotR but it’s better than nothing.

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Thanks. We have a park reservation. I am just worried about the crowds.

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