Crowded but fun?

To me I noticed the crowds more because I’ve been holed away so much but truly it’s much less than usual. The socially distanced lines look humongous but we waited 20 min in the EE line when it was past Finding Nemo long. They mostly move really fast without fastpass line. But they’re also in the sun so in the afternoon you don’t really want to be in one. I’d ride stuff RD’ing and in the evenings the last hour of sunlight and later. I’d do shows, pools, eat, nap during the hottest part of the day and you’ll have the best time ever.


First week in may here and really worried about this too. We are actually still debating cancelling-the combo of rising cases and higher crowds has us nervous. When we booked last year, was hoping cases would be declining and we’d hit a crowds sweet spot. But reading the strategies and experiences here (and a last minute plan to swap flying for driving) has me feeling better about our plan!


We aren’t quite debating yet, but it is still on the radar.

DM and DH both had it in Dec/Jan and have been vaccinated. DD20 and DS16 had it in Jan and should hopefully be vaccinated by then. I’m vaccinated (tested negative on quick test and later negative for antibodies so I somehow avoided it). Just DS11 twins that won’t have any immunity (as far as we know).

Unless things are really bad (high post-vaccination cases due to variants, for instance), we’ll probably still go but cancel indoor dining.

Same boat! All the adults will be vaccinated, but we have 2 kids under the age of 6. And the rising cases seem to involve more kid transmission, so that’s the only factor giving me pause about increased crowds in may! We already planned all outside dining.

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I’m booking ADRs with fingers crossed, but I just don’t know… :confounded:

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