Crowd jump


3 years to reply? Is this a record?! :joy:


This. I looked at a cross-section of 10s from last year in the historical crowd calendar today, and saw that there was a big difference in 10s in Christmas week vs. any other 10s (although Easter was also up there…)


It just goes to show that the more things change, the more they stay the same. :smiley:


Ain’t that the truth!


@fred I really do think you should distinguish Christmas from every other 10. Many of the comments today have been “I don’t want Christmas-level crowds” and that’s what people think about when they think “10”. So something like “Capacity”, “Extreme Crowds” or an “11” designation for Christmas week (and maybe Easter week some years??) would be advisable and reduce the panic a bit.


Can we expect more March changes?
Or is the algorithm pretty set?