Crowd jump


I think this is a great site and was not bashing about the crowd jump and never mentioned being cheated. I was suprised by it and just wanted others thoughts smile


@Allieann87 - it is hard to tell when reading the threads, but the last 2 comments were actually a specific reply to someone else on this thread and not to you as OP. In the upper right of the comment you can see an arrow with the persons icon that was being replied to. The replys just don't directly match up under when reading and the posts just show in chronological order. Moral is that that the "feeling cheated" was not directed at you :). It took me awhile to figure out how these posts worked.


I'm sorry, I was absolutely not complaining that the crowd levels are higher. I fully understand that the facts are what they are. My post was meant as an inquiry as to why the crowd calendars are not updated on a more regular basis. I assume many individuals utilize the crowd calendars offered by the great staff at TP to make decisions on which parks they would like to visit during a certain span of time. It's a suggestion that it may be more useful to people if the calendars are updated more often, especially if the conditions are moving so much around it.

Perhaps my post came off as me being more upset than I am, I apologize for that. We're leaving in two days and we're going to have an amazing time, and I suspect TP will have a large part to do with that.


I responded to another individual here with a bit more, but I apologize if I came off upset. I'm simply inquiring or suggesting that the crowd calendars be updated on a more regular basis if there are going to be large swings in their numbers.

We leave in two days and we're going to have a great vacation, it's 9 days in Disney with my wife and 2 kids. I suspect TP will have a large part to do with that. Ultimately we let the kids decide how the vacation goes, I have custom touring plans for everyday but those are loose guidelines. The kids are the real touring plan smile If they don't enjoy the trip then what are we even doing there?



If anyone has any doubts as to what to expect when they get there, try this:

  1. Copy your TP to another TP.
  2. Re-evaluate the copy.

If you like it, great.
If there's no longer enough time to do everything, you'll have to make some decisions as to what to cut.

If you still don't trust it, take the additional step of setting your walk speed to the slowest setting possible to allow for leeway (even if you're a sprinter).

If you still don't trust it, put additional 5-10 minute "breaks" in every couple of hours or so to "re-calibrate" your TP.

Doing this should allow you to make a realistic evaluation as to whether you wish to go on any given day, and whether it'll be worth it to you.

Go well. smile

Also, it's always a good idea to do the re-evaluate thing a few days before your trip anyway, to account for the latest conditions/ride closures, etc.

Then remember to print it out.
Confucius say: "Short pencil better than long memory."
Or a more modern version might be: "Printer ink better than smart phone/battery failure or wonky wifi." wink


Belle is correct. I was responding to the big D,..drmartin..


Thanks for all the tips everyone! I am very excited about our upcoming trip. I used to go as a kid all the time but havent been in about 12 years and things have changed tremendously.


They really have! You're still going to have a fantastic time, though. It's musical_note "a whole new world" musical_note in some ways.


I completely agree with @keithloveswaffles and @Somethingforcat. I have to plan our family's annual trip months in advance, and I always look at the crowd calendar first. If I'd known a 4 means different things at different times, I would've just used a different crowd calendar! Narrowing the ranges on wait times and going up further on the scale--maybe to a 15 or 20, would help. It might be a good thing to factor in restaurant waits, too to try to account for APs who may not ride as much and are better with the FPs, but who crowd the parks.


But a 4 doesn't mean different things at different times. Fred's example of "There is a big difference between a Christmas '10' and a summer '10'" does not apply here - a summer 4 and a winter 4 would be the same. It's just that Christmas is so crazy that it is essentially off the scale.


What brklinck said.


Too bad Fred never addressed the "recalibration" of the definition of crowd level numbers.


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something like this old blog update happened


The wait time forecasts get updated first before the Crowd Calendar gets updated so if you recently made your plans you may not see many changes.


This is interesting. I have wondered if it is even worth putting a ‘10’ for the Christmas week since it is so distant from other '10’s If the calendar said “Extreme Crowds” instead of '10’s between Dec 27 and Jan 1 would that be acceptable? And we would save the '10’s for other dates of the year.


Woah - zombie thread! :smiley:


As I have posted many times, I think you need an 11…


Fair enough drmartin1998. We provide these estimates as part of a paid service and when the estimates change drastically and suddenly it reduces their utility. We try to emphasize that the Calendar works best as part of a complete package of tools, each one working in concert with the other. The Calendar may have failed you this time but here’s hoping the touring plans and the Lines App save the day.


Too late now, I’ve drunk the kool-aide.
The only way out of this mess is to spend more money.
I am doing exactly what Disney hopes I will.
If you have Stockholm Syndrome and you know it, is it still a disorder? :rofl: