Crowd calendar for May 2020 has WDW closed?

I noticed this morning TP has WDW closed for the month of May on the crowd calendar now, but can’t find any information about this. Is this speculation based on the CP cast members being let go? I have a June 20 trip planned we are thinking is not goin to happen now.

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I’ve been wondering this myself. Noticed it the other day.

Right now, but subject to change, pretty much all of MDE has WDW reopening in early June. I don’t know what crowds will be like if they do reopen then. Will it be crowded due to rescheduled trips? Will people stay away out of fear or loss of income due to COVID-19?

This may help.

I guess I should just cancel my May backup trip. I know there is like 0.000000000001% chance it will happen. We may not even be able to get there if WDW is open anyways, and we may not WANT to go that soon even if it is possible. But I’ve been delaying. Much like I delayed canceling my original April trip. I’m just stubborn, and the grief is getting to be too much for me. This is like September 2018 (A Dream Delayed) for me all over again. I’m seriously burned out on Disney planning (and re-planning), and trying to keep my hopes up. I’m going to book ADRs for Sept, Oct, and Nov backup trips and then probably take a month off from thinking about this sh*$#. Good luck to you all


My issue is we have a May 29-June 4 trip on the books. I don’t even know what to do…


My only option is to <3 your post, but I really want to click the frowny face button and add a hug emoji. :hugs:


We are set for May 27-June 3. I’m not making any decisions until we are further into April, maybe even first of May. We have not decided if we will reschedule for July or wait until later. We can put all our refund into a savings and schedule for next year possibly. We personally don’t like to pull the kids out of school for long periods, so low crowds in September or November are not an option for us.
We may opt for next May instead of crowds in July of this year.

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This has me extra concerned that Universal Orlando will not be open in time for anniversary trip May 25-29. I finally changed our Southwest flights to Sept 14-18. Sigh… at least we can now stay at Cabana Bay instead and not need Express Passes! :smiley:

Any thinking that Disney World will be open in June is wishful thinking. There is very little chance of that happening.


Not to be pessimistic, but WDW isn’t opening any time soon. There is absolutely 0% chance (less than 0% even) that it’s open before the end of the summer. Even though they need the money, Disney will not take that chance. Do you know what the public backlash (and possible lawsuits) would be if Disney opened the gates and people starting getting sick and/or dying? It’s not gonna happen. They’d have to have some disclaimer or legal requirement that guests would have to agree to stating that guests would be coming at their own risk and that Disney absolves themselves from all responsibility. It’s wishful thinking on anyone’s part to be planning on having a Disney vacation this summer. I feel bad for everyone that’s losing their vacation over this, but crowd calendars and fastpass availability are on the bottom of the list of priorities, if they even make it on the list to begin with. All this talk of “will I make my May trip or will June be cancelled or the crowd calendar…” is sadly for now, just nonsense.

It is Disney themselves that is leading to this, though. They are offering deals, and dropping hints to suggest they plan to/want to open ASAP. (Of course they do.)

Why hasn’t Disney, themselves, for example, said, “We will be closed through AT LEAST May 31.” Even if they hope to be open June 1, people can plan accordingly. But this “until further notice” bit, while at the same time offering hotel deals and free dining for bookings in June, etc., is sending a mixed message.

Of course, it comes down to money. Disney doesn’t want to refund anyone anything, and are delaying doing so as much as possible. They want guests to cancel/rebook so that they can charge extra fees, were applicable, even if those new dates aren’t realistic either. Then, of course, Disney doesn’t plan to refund, but just extend so that they keep the money that has already been spent. (Tickets, at least.)

I don’t mind Disney extending my tickets. But I do expect a refund for our DAH event, since there is no guarantee that Disney would even have an equivalent event when we eventually return. Even so, I half expect Disney to take the money for the DAH event and have it sit there as a “credit” to some future cost. Whether it is for food in the parks, or something else…almost like a gift card. Doing so keeps them from having to be out the money.


They weren’t taking any reservations until 6/1. That pretty much told me they weren’t planning on opening until then.

Cash flow is EVERYTHING and there is zero coming in right now. Every dollar a company can hang on to is one more they can use to pay leases or other obligations, keep the electricity on, etc. As harsh as it is, even keeping employees paid is not a priority unless the government is going to fund it. It’s not an excuse but a fact. They’re going to do everything they legally can to keep every dollar possible and avoid bankruptcy. People have short memories. Workers can be re-hired. Guests will return. But bills have to be paid in the meantime.


I had a trip booked and paid for May 4th thru May 10th. Trying to cancel it and all dining reservations made. Its been a pain trying to get thru on phone, 50 mins on hold only to be disconnected a few times. Tried online thru My Disn Exp. and it’s been bogged down all morning. Phooey! Very frustrating listening to the same music loop playing only to get a click then silence. Not happy.


I think it was very bold of them to offer rebooking with free dining for guests affected by current state beginning June 1. I just keep thinking of the PR nightmare if they do not open by then. If it were me booking on cash I might just not rebook until the place reopened rather then book, rebook, and rebook again

Curious where thoughts are going on opening.
If they don’t open at all until August…Could they be looking at another closing when another wave of the virus hits again? If predictions are leading to believe that it could be seasonal like the flu, then that could potentially be Nov-Jan again. At what point do they say “Yes, we open ‘x’ day” or “No, we are closed until the majority of the world is vaccinated because we can’t risk waves of the virus.”
Not attempting to trigger hateful comments or snarkiness. Just honestly wondering what thoughts are floating around.

Keep in mind vaccines do take some time to work. They are not immediately effective. Typically one needs 1-3 weeks to achieve immunity.

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I agree, but we are still months away from a mass production of a vaccine. Yes?


Yes. So I don’t think vaccine will be part of it

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