Crowd calendar for May 2020 has WDW closed?

Yes vaccine trials are only just starting - the vaccine needs to be proved, then replicated up (which can take a time - months) so looking at 9 months+. Similar to annual flu but longer as not existing process.

Wuhan starting to reduce restrictions now, after 2 1/2 months lockdown (will need to see how that goes) but if cases increase things will get more restrictive again. If, however, cases continue to reduce it is likely that POTUS will want to reduce restrictions in the US - one would hope that direction is taken from medical experts with opinion backed by concrete evidence not by unsupported stories of a miracle cure.

I suspect the situation may improve by July/August - I am hoping to cross the pond for a September trip - we shall see.

Just one thing to bear in mind - most people that are infected with COVID 19 either have no symptoms or have light symptoms. However, the big issue is that a fair number of people, mainly old uns but also young kids, teens, young adults, adults, and older adults can still have life threatening reactions to the infection.

Just be careful out there - wash hands frequently, maintain appropriate distance and stay in as much as possible.

Remember, pandemics happen Bubonic Plague, Black Death, Spanish Flu and humanity is still here!

Disney and Universal will be back.


I’m not being critical of you, but your statement reminds me of how important it is to remember the second part of this sentence.

Some young people seem to stop after the first part and think the virus shouldn’t really concern them much. But, many young are getting very sick and even dying and there are many young people who are spreading the virus to the elderly and immunocompromised.

The Disney issue has a major problem. The cost of remaining close is incredibly expensive. On the other hand, Disney is an ideal environment for the virus to re-seed the entire country leasing to new outbreaks all over. For this reason, I think Disney will be close a lot longer than most people expect.


Universal has extended their closure through May 31st.

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Yes, Disney will remain closed until it is safe to open - they have a duty of care to their gusts and also their cast members, as does Universal. WE just need to hope that the Disney money making machine will make the right choices.

It is good to be critical :grinning: