Critique these ADR choices

I would just throw in Red Oven Pizza as one to have in your back pocket in case you want a zero drama, easy meal.
We usually do a full schedule of TS meals but I feel like it is sometimes nice to take a break from that and just grab some consistently decent pizza.

Thought: Artist Point character dinner is “only” $60. I thought it would be more. That could be the WL excuse.


Where is that?

Also, Anty wants to go to IHOP, so that could be a breakfast.


How about breakfast at Leaky Cauldron and for Three Broomsticks, have a drink in The Hogshead at some point and they can see the Three Broomsticks then… :woman_shrugging:t4::+1:t2:

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City Walk


If you are making a choice between WCC for breakfast and Artist Point for dinner and character interactions, I’d pick AP over WCC. I’d also pick AP over Chef Mickey but the price points are different I’m sure.

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I think you’ve made great choices. I personally prefer Mama Melrose over 50’s Prime Time but chose the one you haven’t been to yet. I’m also glad you are finally doing Sci-Fi. Cool experience.

One argument against CM is that it’s at CR and we’re already going to CR for CG dinner.

By the same argument, it needs to be AP or WC.

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Sci-Fi environment has always been top notch. Was pleasantly surprised the food seemed better this visit than on prior as well which was nice.


I haven’t picked anywhere at Epcot. Any suggestions? Regal Eagle? Via (ugh) Napoli?

Love Sci-Fi. It’s such a cool experience. Food is decent and affordable by Disney standards.


I’m warming on AP. I think Paul will enjoy meeting the Evil Queen.

Then cars at Sci-Fi for Anty.

And Three Broomsticks / Leaky Cauldron for Potterhead Stuart.


There is nothing special about Cape May for breakfast except the servers. And the bacon. And the steak and eggs. The vanilla sauce is nice on the pineapple. The stars are the servers. We ate here 3 mornings in a row* and every morning had lovely leisurely conversations.

Plus - Beach Club and Yacht Club Christmas decorations.

Epcot - Coral Reef to watch the big tank inhabitants - that’s the star. We had good food - excellent chowder and the best Caesar salad I had (among 4 restaurants). I was also after the Key Lime tart which is so rich it’s best shared.

*Cape May is DH’s favorite restaurant; at 86 there’s a lot he doesn’t remember tho he remembers this. On a special trip, we were going for the memories. It was pricey - no way I’ll eat $25 worth at a buffet, even with a lot of bacon on my plate.

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Incorrect. You want Topolino’s in this spot. Compensate budet-wise somewhere else that day.

Ugh. OK. I can’t go to CR twice. And it does have that view. And then Skyliner straight to wherever the day is starting.

Looks good. Not reading comments.
I’ve only been to half of them.

I think HS has some great mid-range options altogether.

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Some great choices for experiences that you’ve no doubt well thought out for your travel companions. One thing I’d consider is swapping out Satu’li for something more interesting with much better food. A superior choice would be Burger King since Satu’li sucks, as we ALL can attest to. Gotcha. (hopefully.)

If you are looking at TS at Epcot, have you done Chefs de France (but only if the hot French CMs are back)? We’ve also like San Angel Inn for the atmosphere and margaritas and Tutto Italia (but I don’t think they have the full menu they once did). For QS, Sunshine Seasons has a large selection and we like La Cantina de San Angel. You could always just graze at the festival food booths too. I think I’d rather do that personally.