Critique these ADR choices

Reminder: Me and three friends, none of them have been to WDW. One posh meal requested. Not adventurous eaters. Christmas trip. Budget about $80 a day, including tips.

Rules: You are only allowed to criticise a choice if you can replace it with something better. I’m looking for interesting / unique experiences, with menus that include basic chicken, burgers, etc.


Boma — excuse to visit AKL for tree / lobby / savannah
WC — excuse to visit WL for tree / lobby / shenanigans
GF Café — excuse to visit GF for tree / lobby
CM — fab five character meal

CG — view / fireworks / food
Sci-Fi — unique experience / Anty likes cars
50’s PT — unique experience / interesting venue
Satu’li — interesting venue / relatively cheap

There is a certain level of selfishness in these choices. Most of these are either personal favourites or places I haven’t tried but have always wanted to.


Per person??

I can only comment on CM and Satu’li as they’re the only ones I’ve been to.

Satu’li is a solid choice.

CM is ideal for first timers, unless you like Toppolinos. I hear lots of good stuff about there although I’ve still not been.

Yes. I’ve looked up prices. And those choices work.

Oh. Per person per day, i.e. breakfast and dinner. They also get two snacks. They’re on the MDP.

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I personally don’t like the characters there. Or the food. But it has a view and the Skyliner. Both TT and CM are difficult reservations to get. I may end up taking what I can get.

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I’m not following your rules. Just wanted to comment. Going to WCC was a favorite moment. We did dinner, and there were no shenanigans at all. (In fact, I was surprised to hear AFTER the fact that shenanigans are something to be concerned about.) But the lobby there was probably my favorite resort thing to see. Not just the tree, but the entire vibe. GF was pretty for sure, but to me, I found the WL lobby with the tree to be almost awe-inspiring.

Having said that, the food at WCC was good/decent, but not necessarily great. I suspect breakfast, though, there is less variability than dinner menus.

I’ve seen shenanigans at breakfast. Also, it’s cheaper to have breakfast. I agree it’s super-magical at Christmas.

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As someone that just stayed in a studio overlooking the lobby I can confirm the shenanigans are back. It seemed to get louder as the day went on (less at breakfast) but the screaming after 10pm was rather surprising .

What does this mean?
And is WC Whispering Canyon?

Silliness. If you ask for ketchup, they’ll bring every bottle they have from every other table.



Ah ok. I think I was mixing that up with the 50s Cafe. :+1:t2:

Universal choices

Breakfast: Three Broomsticks, Leaky Cauldron
Dinner: Big Fire, Toothsome, Hard Rock


I think they’re rude rather than silly.


I’m so glad they weren’t doing that when we were there. Although, it is possible they were. When we checked in, we put that we were there for an Anniversary dinner. They had us out on the inside “patio” area so we were away from most of the other guests. Only a few tables out on the patio.


Before Chapek took the opportunity of the pandemic to ruin everything, my restaurant choices would be very different. Well, a bit different. E.g. breakfast at BOG, 1900PF, CP.

Personally I would pick GG over CM. I’m still hoping you get GG breakfast, though.

Funnily enough, I had the same thought last night. But they don’t do breakfast any more. For no reason.

Even for dinner I prefer GG to CM.

Possibly a bit samey?

How about Central park crepes for a breakfast one day? I only tried the savory ones (which were fab), but the sweet ones look amazing!!

BigFire and Toothsome are great choices. Those (along with Mythos) were our favourite meals.

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Yeah. I thought about that, too. But then, won’t they want to see both?

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