Credit Card Rewards & Points General Thread

Making good use of my Southwest Performance Visa’s 365 in Flight Wifi Credits. :slight_smile:


Is it unlimited? And how do you feel about the WiFi? Could you get on MDE and possibly buy an ILL?

Data is unlimited I believe - when it was connected it was fine, your average cellular speeds.

But, had multiple periods of dead zones where we were connected to the plane, but the plane didn’t seem to be connected to the satellite/Internet. One lasted about 30 minutes.

Worth a shot if you’re on the flight, but I’d be ready for the possibility of disappointment.


Oh, and they do say they limit certain types of connections: aka “certain high-bandwidth applications, websites, and video conferencing services” -

I wouldn’t think something like MDE would be limited, but I also didn’t try it out as we weren’t heading to Orlando.

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I’m not sure we will be off the ground by 7am WDW time but it will be close. So hopefully that means I can get the ILL for Rise. We land 8:30 WDW time. I didn’t think this through all the way :joy:

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Then you’re doing it wrong :crazy_face: (jj)


For years my sister has been talking about moving from Miami to Orlando when she retired.
She retired 18 months ago, I wish she’d do it already! :smiley:


I did this in June this past summer! I had a small glitch where it made me verify my account through a text which had never happened before but I don’t think MDE liked that my location was changing so rapidly! I got boarding group 2 for GOTG and I also secured an ILL for GOTG and at that time, Remy.

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Wow - thanks you for the in depth description! This seems like an antiquated way to do it - and would make me nervous. But if I buy any direct DVC points, I am 100% going to do it on a new Disney Visa since I will get 6 months interest free, plus all of those rewards. So this is great to know!


Awesome! Our flight time is 6:30am WDW time on SW. I’m hoping it’s fine. I’ll pay WHATEVER to get a Rise ILL, $50 wifi! You got it (shhh, don’t tell SW).

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Just want to step in a second to remind people not to forget to use browser extensions because if you don’t you might miss out on game changing travel cash back like this one from CapitalOne Shopping:


(Also: if you do use browser extensions, is often a good idea to disable them if you are not actively using them on a shopping site - don’t really need to have something tracking all of your browsing pages.)


Anyone with Chase cards, might want to give their mybonus form a try today.

Some cards (seem to be the partner cards) are coming up with additional rewards bonuses for gas, grocery, restaurants from April to June.

I tried all of our cards, and only my wife’s Disney Visa had a bonus. Have read other people finding them on their Southwest Visa cards.


I just tried it. I only have one Chase card…my Disney Premiere Visa…but it said this account is not valid for this mybonus thing. (Never heard of this before.)

I tend to have the same outcome on most of our Visas, but once in awhile you get lucky!
You can try using that link once in awhile just to check if something changed, they will target different offers to people at different times.

We have a lot of points built up from our credit cards. We are going to Disney in July. I’m just curious if anyone has been able to use points to cover some of the costs from their trips. Our agent said Disney recently changed the way they code their billing, and she wasn’t sure which way they would go. My husband then called Disney and talked to several people. They said they have no way of knowing which way it will be coded, which seemed odd to him.

what credit card do you mean?

Capital One Venture

oh gotcha. I have the same one (although I primarily use my Disney Visa.) I would probably assume that restaurants wouldn’t count as “travel” for redemption, But paying for your hotel would. I’m not sure about tickets or G+ (if you try it let me know!)
I also use my rewards miles to redeem my uber to and from the airport.


I will let you know! He was frustrated that the people he talked to didn’t seem to know. He doesn’t quite get how Disney works :joy:
He did find something online that looked like a package would be coded as travel.

From my experience, people on the ground have no on concept of how something codes, usually only points and rewards players even know something like that exists.

I’d guess you have 2 things that can happen at a Disney resort: the resort bill will code as travel, and some other things might code as entertainment. But, travel will be more likely.

Some people trying to use travel point erasers make sure to charge dining and souvenirs to room so they show up as travel too.

Other tip: if buying tix on their own, Undercover Tourist codes as travel, I erased those charges with my Barclay Arrival card years ago.