Credit Card Rewards & Points General Thread

I have found some for changing your credit use ratio but not necessarily dropping your oldest card. Since I added a chunk of available credit recently I thought now would be a good time to get that old card off. No fees and no benefits. So I don’t mind losing the card. I actually haven’t used it in a while. It’s about 5 years older than my next oldest.
But I think I might just let it go. Score is around 790 and I can’t imagine it will change that much. Think the card is about 16 years old or so?

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It is that time in the Chase world again - from the Miles Earn and Burn newsletter:

Do this now: Check for targeted Q2 spending offers on Chase cards for 5x on up to $1,000 spend at grocery, gas, and home improvement stores, all of which sell gift cards. Cards with less valuable currencies like the IHG card have slightly higher multipliers like 8x.

FWIW: I 100% struck out on this one - a couple of cards added a cash back offer for subscribing to Max streaming service (sad trombone), and the rest of my Chase cards either said “no offer” or I’ve already signed up. (and by already signed up it means they also had the stoopid Max offer last time.)


Heads up on a Target gift card deal coming up as posted by the Frequent Miler blog.

Target is is running a week of promotions called “Target Circle Week” between April 7-13. Probably the most interesting part will be a one-day sale offering 10% off Target gift cards on April 13th only. These can obviously be worthwhile both for personal use or potentially for reselling.

Target usually runs this promo in December with a coupon that’s good towards a maximum of $500 in total gift cards. We don’t know yet whether or not that limit will be in effect during Target Circle Week as well, but the coupon should be valid both online and in-store gift card purchases.
The Deal

Target will be offering 10% off purchases of Target gift cards on 4/13 only
You must load the coupon to your Target Circle account before purchasing gift cards in order to get the discount
Direct link to digital coupon will be added once it’s available
Direct link to offer (not live until 4/13)


I’m guessing this is stackable with the 5% off for using your red card for purchase

Not on this one - Target doesn’t give you the Red Card 5% off on their own gift cards, so it will just be the 10% total.

So, you’ll want to use a non-Target card with a good points or cash back return.

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If I change from the regular Disney Visa to the Disney Premiere Visa, do I get to keep the current points I’ve earned? The Premiere one has a $400 statement credit right now. That would pay for two nights of my bounce back room in June.


Linking the post where I started to ask this :slight_smile:


Ill have to see if any cards get 3% to stack this. Since I already get 5% off Target purchases- and an additional 5% is nice- I don’t really have any big target purchases coming up. Might wait for the next one.
Im assuming you can’t buy other gift cards with target gift cards :joy:

You can’t buy other gift cards with target gift cards.

I use this time to buy gift card gifts. We have teacher appreciation week coming up so I’ll get a few cards for that and I stash some cards for kid birthday parties. For kids I don’t know well, they will get a box of candy and a Target gift card.

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I think you can!

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I am 99% certain that policy has changed


Statement credits are a sign up bonus for new cards, so you can’t change to the Premiere and get that.

But, if you have earned the previous DVisa bonus more than 24 months ago you can cancel it, wait a week or 3 and apply for the premiere.

Things to know:

  • Before cancelling you will want to request all the $ on the card be sent to you on a rewards card. Pro tip: if you are actively earning Disney rewards on that card, when you request the $, leave at least $10 rewards in the account - then after you receive the rewards card and RIGHT before you close the credit card, login and transfer the rewards to the card you already received. That will happen almost instantly and you won’t lose even a few $. (Because you can’t transfer less than $10.)

If you are playing the game with a spouse/friend/family member, don’t forget to use their referrals back and forth to double up on the bonus. When I was only getting the DVisa bonuses, my wife and I referred each other back and forth every other year.

Regarding the 24 month rule: the clock starts the day you earn the bonus, NOT the day you opened the card, so make sure you count from the right date and leave a little buffer.

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Thanks for the update!

So for others: you just need to play some mental math games to make this discount work for your Disney trip.

As in "I saved 10% on this target gift card and my regular household spending will be that much less, so I’ll mentally apply that savings to my Disney trip.

rodney math


Just popping on here to say that I’m so annoyed that I didn’t apply for the Marriott Boundless 2 weeks ago. I thought I needed more time bc those certificates expire but it just occurred to me that I won’t get the certificates until I hit the minimum spend…so it would’ve been fine. :sob:

Here’s to hoping they bulk up some SUBs in the coming months. :weary:


In case it’s useful for people, this totally worked. I signed up for the Believe Key (knowing that I had dates that I would absolutely be at the parks that were blocked out by lower tiers) and signed up for the Disney Chase in the purchasing process. The $1249 got charged to the new card. By the time the card had arrived to me, they had credited me the $400.
There is a $49 annual fee.
So my first bill was $898.
Plus I got the $129 in Disney redemption awards that I can use on the trip.
I recognize that this is a REAL specific case, but it worked out nicely for my situation.


Sorry, I slightly misspoke. Not $129 in Disney points, only $24.98. Still, it adds up ok.


Been a long while since I’ve posted a points summary update, so here’s my current status!

The monthly chart a the bottom of the image below doesn’t have all the earned Chase points yet from the last few months, but should be good enough.

Even taking a slight breather mid-year in 2023 while I waited to begin my DW’s Southwest Companion pass journey in the Fall, and my only sign-up bonus card since last October being the sorta OK 2nd Amex Blue Business Plus card, we still racked up a bunch of points. (I’ll be hitting the SUB on that 2nd BBPlus pretty soon for a cool 50K Amex MR.)

Also, you might notice that my current points values are pretty darn close to the total Bonus value even after taking multiple trips last year!

Using the Amex Gold for groceries and dining (4x points) and the Chase Ink Cash for many other things (5x by using gift cards bought at Staples) really keeps the points flowing in.

So, if you need inspiration: It is almost 2 years in to my decision to hit the points game hard. I’ve found that it doesn’t really take too much work once you get a system down to keep the ball rolling. And, an added bonus from up the thread: even playing this game I have hit Perfect FICO Score Nirvana™.

For the record: I am still counting the points in my totals for 3 placeholder trips I have booked in May, July & Sept (a wedding in NC!) since they are all cancel-able. Also, I am counting the 3 remaining Marriott free night certificates at their 50K face value even though they could be used for less than that. (The Dolphin booking I have made with them all were 48-49K.)


When Player 2 Starts Referring to your vacation destinations by their airport code… :heart_eyes:


Sometimes I think “how many points is too many?” Or “Am I being a point hoarder?” but your post inspires me to play the game more intensely lol


Reporting here to say that I tested something on my Sapphire Preferred this week. I’m pretty sure I did this last year too. You can get an annual $50 hotel credit when you book with cash through their travel portal. I booked a room in early March and didn’t see the credit. I realized that it didn’t start until April 1, for me.

I booked another room. Saw the credit hit. Cancelled that room and kept my March booking. I am about 90% certain that they don’t talk to each other and the credit will stay on the account even without the booking.