Buy Disney gift cards (at Target) with a Target gift card?

I have $200 in Target gift cards…can I buy the Disney gift cards (in store) w/ the Target gift cards?

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I don’t think any of the major retailers will let you purchase a gift card with a gift card unfortunately. The registers are programmed to reject it. I think it has to do with money laundering. For example, I was at Babies R Us and tried to buy $100 worth of merchandise along with a $25 gift card using a $10 gift card plus my credit card. The register wouldn’t allow it at all even though I was buying more than $10 worth of merchandise. So the cashier had to separate the two transactions.

Yes you can. Disney cards are considered entertainment cards so you can purchase them with a gift card at Target. Just take them to the register and have them ring them up, I have done this many times.


This is what I’ve been told! Similar to what @melcort10 experienced, I have been told you can NOT purchase a Target gc w/ a Target gc…but as you stated, Disney ones are considered merchandise/entertainment. Great to hear, going to go get them tomorrow, thanks! :smiley:

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I am super pleased to report that I just got back from my local Target and was able to apply a $163 gift card I had towards $200 in Disney gift cards, and my red card took 5% off the rest! :slight_smile:


Hmm, that 5% off Red card is an interesting idea, for someone who plans on spending alot at the parks, dinners and such. $200= $10 free

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Be careful. They used to, but. my local target will no longer do this, and neither will the website.

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I kind of doubt they will do it again, but two years ago, Target ran a special where every two entertainment gift cards you bought, you got a $5 Target gift card. You could use those Target gift cards to buy more entertainment gift cards and use your Target card to get 5% off. I went from Target to Target, buying $25 Disney gift cards and then using my promo Target gift cards to buy more. Long story short, between my 5% off using my Target gift card and the money I saved getting the free promo cards, I financed my entire Disney trip with Disney gift cards bought from Target and saved about $250.

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I have been able to purchase disney gift cards with target gift cards, as long as i’m buying something else, too. So I’ve been buying a pack of gum (or something similar, low-cost item) and only buying about $100 at a time.

I heard on mobile chat today that Target gift cards will be 10% off again this Sunday… and many of you reporting that you can then turn around and buy Disney gift cards with your Target gift cards.

This is the first time that I’ve tried to save money for our Disney trip this way, and I don’t think I fully understand. With a $300 purchase limit per purchase, you’re basically saving $30 on your vacation. What am I missing?

Help me with this Liners - how have you guys used this “trick” to save big money on your trips?


Just found this on the Target website…


Think you have it pretty much summed up - you save 10%. Not terrifically large amount, but pretty good considering how much all of our family vacations cost.

We used almost all of our $961 rewards cards last trip to pay for food & merchandise, so it ain’t hard to spend that money. :wink:

Don’t see me getting that many Disney Rewards all at once for awhile, so I’m considering trying this Target technique when I do have a definite trip planned. (I’m actually mulling over a Super Cheap AP Technique using rewards this year, if I can sell my wife on another trip. Well, actually she is sold already, but a new kitchen counter top and oven are higher on her list than Disney right now. Go figure.)

One other thing: I just replied to one of the chat threads where QueenElinor was thinking if she used her Discover card, which has 5% cash back to buy the Target gift cards she’d be getting 15% savings - she’s thinking of getting an AP, and that would likely return better savings than the current bridging savings. Seems legit after I thumbnailed a spreadsheet on it, assuming she can buy more than the $300 Target gift cards per household the Target policy states.


Thanks @JJT… once again, your mathematical mind is helpful.

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I prefer “Mathemagical”. :wink:


So how you all go about doing this? Go to target and buy a $300 gift card tomorrow for 10% off and then on a different day go back and get the Disney gift card?

Yup. The cards bought today activate 12/4.
You can buy them in store or online (which is what I just did and I recommend it so you’re not gambling whether they have any left or not). The only caveat is you only get this discount up to $300 per transaction. So if you want buy more than $300 in gift cards, split them up and you’ll be good to go.

EDIT: Sorry, I should clarify, buy them online, but have them mailed to you. As the “e-gift card” can’t be used to buy other gift cards.

Today will be my first time trying to save some money this way, too. DH and I plan on doing 3 transactions so we have enough to cover our food budget for our upcoming trip. The savings from 10% target plus 5% discover will make our Ohana dinner free :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for posting that. I wasn’t aware the e-gift cards had that extra restriction.