Creative Ideas for Character Autographs


I thought it would be fun to make a list of creative ideas for character autographs.


Great idea!! Some people have done blank frames.


I've seen some great ones online, including the popular pillowcase. Also a blank white Vinylnation, & taking Polaroids of you with the character, then getting them to autograph the white part at the bottom of the photo!


I saw someone post pics of an off-white canvas tote bag, that was signed in a rainbow of colors. It was pretty cute.


DW bought this one,I think on etsy pretty cheap. We had characters sign one page and then printed pictures of the greet and glued next to autograph when we got home.


We did hats when we when to DL last month. I ordered plain white hats from Amazon and used fabric markers.


This is front cover. Probably could easily make yourself.


We get these every year, then put our favorite photo from that trip in it. DS10 has one with all the Star Wars Weekend people, and I have one with just the P rincesses.


I like the blank frames for characters I group together when framing. Princesses, fab 5 etc.

I also really like the pillow case idea but I have never done it. My daughter asks for the book where the photo and the autograph are next to each other. So we have always taken that "easy" route.


I remember some suggestions we had on chat, such as: get Princess Anna to autograph a Veronica Mars DVD, get Mary Poppins to autograph a copy of The Sound of Music (or another poster recommended Saving Mr. Banks), get Peter Pan to autograph a copy of Finding Neverland, get Mickey Mouse to autograph a copy of the 4th season of Arrested Development. Of course these are all awful suggestions.


DGD loved the characters last time. Hope she still does and I kight need one of these ideas. Thanks all!


We are taking the Little Golden Books for all the Princesses. Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Cindy, Snow White.
We are also taking the Animated Encyclopedia of Characters. Basically it has a picture page for every character.


We brought a blank white canvas on a wooden frame - think painting section at Hobby Lobby/Michaels. Then we had each character use a different colored sharpie. They were all good about you circling an area of where you wanted them to sign. We were able to get all the big characters on one. It was small enough to carry in our backpack's laptop slot.

Aparently we also added pins, too.


Autograph book

Here's the one I made on mixbook. Hopefully this link works


Oops, try this one instead.


We did a white tee for ds. Used different colored fabric sharpies! Came out great!


I would recommend that is you use some fabric, ie pillowcase, tote bag, t-shirt, you buy one of the hoops for embroidery which would make a taut surface for the signature, you can move it easily to different spots.

I was thinking of getting some larger index cards, and making scenes of the character or movie and printing that up on the printer, and having the character sign in a large blank space left for them, and having a small clipboard for them to use.


We use the encyclopedia, but it's two years old. What do you do if the character isn't in there (I.e. Elsa, Anna....)


And you can get the encyclopedia made into a spiral bound book at Staples for less than $7 to save wear & tear on the spine (awesome tip I learned here online).


Is there room at the end of the encyclopedia to add pictures/stickers to create a new character page? I have the book, but it is currently in storage so I can't check.