CP dining package booking annoyance

It’s past 6AM EST. On 3rd July. Why won’t it let me book.

Those ****ers with APs or DVC all booked yesterday.

Not Happy.

Trying as well, did not know it opened for AP’s yesterday. Ugh

Yeah. Loads of smug posts on Lines. All the good slots will be taken by now. Ugh.

And still not working. It’s 6.10AM EST.

Disney sucks.

Why do they always have to make it so frustrating?

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So if I went straight to the CP page and used the drop down it did not let me book, but if I went to the main “Make Dining Reservations” page, I was able to.

And it was definitely a CP package?

Yes. I went to “Things to Do,” “Dining,” “Make Reservations,” then filtered for Epcot and my date and time.

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Didn’t work for me

I also used an incognito page.


One person has reported booking on chat, but nobody else can do it either. So hopefully you’ll still have plenty of choice.

That did it, thanks so much

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I was on MDE on a regular computer at 05:30 Indiana time and was able to book Biergarten for 17:15 for the 20:15 show. I guess I got lucky?

Yes, that worked for me. Thanks.

I didn’t get what I wanted. But I got something acceptable.


Thanks so much @kerrilux. Using the incognito page work perfect. Also searching for thru the make reservation page was much easier. You can see all the restaurants and what is available


The choices seemed pretty slim.

I’ve got something locked in. (Thanks to the new policy of pre-payment, ahem.)

But I’m now taking a more leisurely look at other options.

$250+ for my family of 6 :money_mouth_face: And we’re using the dining plan!

ETA - Oooh, just went back and looked, it is being held with the dining plan instead of pre-payment.

The website is achingly slow.

It’s frustrating also that you can’t pick a show time. I got 5pm. I would rather have the later show.

I got the late show and would rather have the 5pm!