Cot at Pop Century

Does anyone have experience in getting a cot or rollaway bed at pop century? How big is it? What does it look like? How does it fit?
Looking for some general information about it.

I was not aware that Disney had rollaways to begin with, but I cannot imagine fitting one in that room with the second bed down.

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I know they used to have rollaways, I don’t know if they still do.
I agree with @lizzieanne771 that I don’t see how it would fit with the table bed down. Just stayed in an identical room at ASM, and the only space would be in front of the door, which is a huge fire hazard.

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According to Disney’s website, room capacity is 4, which would mean they don’t allow cots.

I agree with the others as well…there just isn’t room for one.

Yeah, if I’m remembering correctly, when Coronado was remodeled and switched to queen beds, they got rid of rollaways also. The bigger beds make it impossible to fit a rollaway in.

We’ve used a Disney cot at ASM. They are really nice! But not all resorts have them, we tried to get one at PO and they didn’t have them. BUT when we had a cot in ASM they had 2xdbl beds and now they have 2xqueens so, I don’t think they would fit. I would call housekeeping and ask them directly since they will know the answer.

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I actually chatted with a cast member online and that person said that Pop had them. Our travel agent is going to put in the request so we will know whether they have them or not.

Just be aware that chat responses are often flat out wrong.


Good to know. Thank you

Not sure where you’d put it. In the bathroom?

I would call Housekeeping and ask Disney’s Pop Century Resort: (407) 938-4000

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Please report back! I know it was reported a few years ago that cots were no longer an option but now I am questioning if that applied to all resorts .

I just watched a room tour video on YouTube with a room at POP that has two queens. I don’t see how there’s any room for a cot in there. The only place would be by the front door but then it would be in the way of the door.

I’m going solo in August and staying there and I’m just happy I can have the murphy bed up so I have the table and a little extra room.


Just chiming in here to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing. The UK folks say cot when US folks say crib. Disney will give you a portable crib or pack and play in all the rooms, but I have also heard that there are no cots/portable twin beds available.


Good distinction. I was thinking of a fold-away-bed (adult size) not a crib.

Since they said cot or rollaway, I think they mean a bed.

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Yes. I meant a full bed type cot. Though I would enjoy seeing my teenager try to sleep in a crib.


Try a blow up bed. The single kind works just fine. Did this with our 10 year old grandson. Not Disney legal but what can I say.

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DS13 can sleep on a blow-up single mattress just fine as well. I really don’t think there’s enough floor space to put a cot at Pop with the Murphy bed down. There’s barely enough room to maneuver around the beds as it is. But if you have teens who don’t want to share a bed, you could probably squash a mattress in front of the bathroom. At least with a blow up mattress you could deflate it every morning and get it out of the way. I picked up a nice Aerobed at the local Job Lot for under $100 last summer.

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Heck if we’re going there, some kids also enjoy sleeping on the floor. Just put a blanket down and they’ll be fine. I would hate it (regardless of what age I was) but some kids can sleep anywhere.