Cot at Pop Century

It’s been a while but we stayed at POP with a connecting room . by the closet on the floor by the connecting room door there is just enough room for a blow-up bed.

Do you know if you can get a cot or have room for a blow up mattress at AOA? I have a party of 6 (5 adults and 1 child). I am not looking forward to sharing a full size bed. It is my understanding the the room has a queen, full pullout couch, and full Murphy. Also can you carry a blow up mattress on Southwest.

inflated? :laughing:

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We have often flown with an air mattress and electric pump on Southwest as well as other airlines. Never had issues with it.
I don’t think any of the WDW resorts have cots/rollaway beds anymore. There is room for a blow up mattress in the suites at AOA. We have often used one at the moderate resorts and a twin size one fits fine. The values that have been remodeled with queen beds like Pop no longer have enough room for a twin air mattress.
Have a great trip.

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I think you could fit one on the floor between the 2 beds… ppl sleeping on the beds could step off on the sides. It would be tight but possible. Generally twin blowup mattresses are thin.

Last time I stayed at Pop (October) I really could see no way that would work, even blocking the door. Before the refurb, it worked fine, but all extra space has disappeared between the beds. Maybe a toddler size mattress would fit, but not larger.


ha, I was at Pop last October too, but I don’t have as clear a memory as you seem to have for the size or space. I do remember leaving with bruises all over my shins from the beds :grimacing:

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My kids often prefer it. They certainly prefer it to having to sleep in a bed with someone.

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